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Bas Kast
Bas Kast.JPG
Born Bas Kast
(1973-01-16) 16 January 1973 (age 43)
Nationality German
Occupation Author
Employer Tagesspiegel

Bas Kast is a German science writer. He studied psychology and biology at the University of Konstanz and with Marvin Minsky at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kast was a fellow of the prestigious Studienstiftung. After completing his studies, he refused a PhD position to devote himself to writing. Working as a freelancer first for the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit and other magazines, he later became an editor and reporter for the Berlin based newspaper Der Tagesspiegel. His articles have earned him a number of national and international prizes. Kast has written several popular science books, some of which became best selling books that have been translated in numerous languages. He is a close friend of neuroscientist Christian Keysers.

Articles (English)[edit]

  • "Decisions, decisions...", Nature, 2001 May 10;411(6834):126-8.
  • "The best supporting actors", Nature, 2001 Aug 16;412(6848):674-6.



  • Revolution im Kopf (2003)
  • Die Liebe und wie sich Leidenschaft erklärt (2004)
  • Wie der Bauch dem Kopf beim Denken hilft (2007)
  • Lauras Schweigen (2011) [Novel published using the alias Niels Nefarius]
  • Ich weiß nicht, was ich wollen soll (2012)
  • Und plötzlich macht es KLICK! (2015)


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