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Barangay Basak is one of the thirty-five barangays of Bais City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. It is located 5 kilometers from the City Proper. It is bounded in the north by Barangay Cabanlutan; on the east by Canlargo; on the west by Barangay Panam-angan and on the south by Medalla Milagrosa of Barangay Calasga-an. Total population as of May 1, 2015 census was 3,225 inhabitants.

Barangay Basak is further subdivided into seven (7) districts/puroks, namely:

  • Cadodong
  • Common
  • Dinacop
  • Colladohan
  • Linogohan
  • Cansaya
  • Canyanggaw


Basak was formerly a "basakan" or a ricefield. It was only when the hacienderos inhabited the area and change the basakan into a sugar plantation. Manuel L. Teves, Inc. dominates the plantation of sugarcane as they own vast tracts of land in the barangay. Annual fiesta is every 5th day February in honor of Sta. Agueda, the patron saint.


Basak mainly rely on agriculture for their living. Large sugarcane plantations can be seen all over the area. Coconuts as well as corns are abundant in the community. Mangoes are also abundant in the barangay as some of the sugarcane fields were converted into mango plantation. Majority of the residents are living in poverty as they mainly rely on the big haciendas owned by the Teveses. During harvest, usually starts in December and ends by March,workers,even children are trooping to sugarcane fields to earn a living. Children can hardly finished high school due to financial difficulties.


Barangay Basak is served by Basak Elementary School for primary and elementary education,while Basak Day Care Center for the kindergarten. Fortunately, on June 2016, Barangay Basak opens its doors to first year high school students due to the combined efforts of Punong Barangay Jaime Cule and Barangay Kagawads Rolando C. Lara, Jr. and Felix A. Collado. It was under the leadership of the City Mayor , Hon. Mercedes T. Goni and the Schools Division Superintendent, Bianito Dagatan. The people in the community were very happy when the school finally opened in the barangay. For the meantime, it is an extension of Javier Laxina Memorial High School of Cabanlutan.

Barangay Developments[edit]

It was only during the administration of Punong Barangay Jaime M. Cule when Barangay Basak actually seen progress and development. Year after year, the barangay was granted numerous infrastracture projects coming from the Bais City LGU and from the Office of Representatives George P. Arnaiz and Manuel T. Sagarbarria of the Second Congressional District. Some of the projects are: 1. Multi-purpose and Evacuation Center 2. New Barangay Health Center 3. Water System Project-Sitio Canyanggaw 4. Water System Project-Sitio Colladodohan 5. Two Box Culverts in Sitio Cadodong 6. Road Concreting in Sitio Cadodong 7. Barangay High School 8. Pathway projects in Sitios Cadodong, Comon, Canyanggaw, Basak Proper and Colladohan. 9. Concrete benches and fabricated basketball steel post in Sitio Dinacop. 10. Footbridge in Basak Proper 11. Lateral line extension in Sitio Cansaya. For implementation projects: 1. Road concreting in Sitio Linogohan 2. Road opening and concreting in Sitio Cansaya. 3. Basketball Steel Fabrication in Sitios Comon and Linogohan.

Former Barangay Captains[edit]

  • Hon. Tomas R. Megio
  • Hon. Ramon S. Lee
  • Hon. Arturo R. Pileo
  • Hon. Rumollo T. Queque
  • Hon. Pablo Z. Matillano
  • Hon. Edgardo A. Collado(Dec. 1, 2010-Nov. 30, 2013)
  • Hon. Jaime M. Cule (Dec. 1, 2013-Present)