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Basanta Choudhury
বসন্ত চৌধুরী
Basanta Choudhury.jpg
Choudhury at the age of 64
Born 5 May 1928
Nagpur, India
Died 20 June 2000 (2000-06-21) (aged 72)
Calcutta (Kolkata)
Cause of death Lung Cancer
Nationality Indian
Education Dadra Nagar Haveli School,Nagpur.
Occupation Actor, Producer
Years active 1952-1993 (41 years)
Religion Hindu
Children Srinjon, Sanjeet
Parent(s) Shiddeshwar Chaudhury, Kamala Chaudhury
Relatives Chandi Chaudhury, Bonobehari Dutta Chaudhury, Dr.Biren Chaudhury and the Dutta family of Hatkhola.
Family Dutta Chaudhury zamindar(superior land-lords) family of Andul.
Awards Best Actor Prize for his film "Raja Rammohan" by B.F.J.A, Bangla Stage Centenary Star Theater award.
Honours Sheriff of Kolkata, Chairman of Nandan-West Bengal Film Center.

Basanta Choudhury,[1] or Basanta Chaudhury (Bengali:বসন্ত চৌধুরী) (5 May 1928 – 20 June 2000), was an actor in the Kolkata-based Bengali film industry and the Mumbai-based Hindi film industry. He worked with directors Asit Sen, Rajen Tarafdar, Ajay Kar and Bijay Bose,[2] often in leading roles.

Choudhury's collection of Kashmiri and Parsian shawls were enviable. Director Satyajit Ray admired those collection and used for his masterpieces.

Birth and Childhood[edit]

Basanta Choudhury was born under the lineage of a kayastha Dutta Chaudhury zamindar family of Andul.He was the eldest son of Shiddeshwar and Kamala Chaudhury. Basanta's younger brother was Prasanta Choudhury. Choudhury spent his early life in Nagpur where he had his schooling and college education.In 1945, he completed his Matriculation Examination from Dadra Nagar Haveli School,Nagpur.After shifting to Kolkata, Choudhury used to stay at Ranikuthi in Tollygunge.

He was a renowned numismatist i.e. an expert collector of rare coins and paper currency, and was also a collector of Kashmiri and Persian shawls. After shifting to Kolkata, he would often visit to Andul to meet with his ancestral family members. Chandi Chaudhury, one of his close relative had got a house there in Chaudhury Para lane, where there is presently the playground of Andul High School.The 1960's were bad times for his family's ancestral annual Durga Puja, due to lack of funds. It was then that he with his other family members, notably Bonobehari (Rajanikanta/Chandrakanta) and Dr.Biren Chaudhury came forward to provide the necessary financial support and help. Choudhury was not able to attend the puja too often because of his busy schedule, but his contribution, through his brother, Prasanta towards funding the puja is consider invaluable.


His first film was Mahaprasthaner Pathe by director Kartik Chattopadhay in 1952. Some of his memorable films are, Bhagaban Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Jadu Bhatta, Andhare Alo, Deep Jwele Jaai with Suchitra Sen, Anushtoop Chhanda, Abhaya O Srikanta, Raja Rammohan Roy, Diba Ratrir Kabya, Devi Chowdhurani. He was attached to amateur theatre and radio also .


1952- Mahaprasthaner Pathey.

1953: Nabin YatraSafar; Bhagwan Shri Krishna Chaitanya

1954: Jadubhatta; Bokul.

1955: Aparadhi; Pather Sheshey; Bhalobasha; Du- Janay; Devimalini.

1956: Shubharatri; Shankar Narayan Bank; Chhaya Sangini; Govindadas; Rajpath

1957: Shesh Parichaya; Madhu Malati; Andhare Alo; Basanta Bahar; Haar Jeet; Khela Bhangar Khela.

1958: Jogajog

1959: Deep Jweley Jai; Shashi Babur Sansar.

1960: Khudha; Parakh

1962: Sancharini; Agnisikha; Bodhu; Nabadiganta.

1963: Shreyasi.

1964: Kashtipathar; Anustup Chhanda.

1965: Alor Pipasa; Raja Rammohun; Abhoya-o-Srikanta; Eki Ange Eto Rup; Gulmohar.

1966: Sankha Bela; Susanta Sha; Uttar Purush.

1970: Diba Ratrir Kabya; Megh Kalo.

1971: Pratham Pratisruti; Sansar; Grahan.

1973: Pranta Rekha.

1974: Debi Chaudhrani; Jadi Jantem; Sangini.

1975: Nishi Mrigaya.

1976: Sankhabish.

1977: Babu Moshai.

1978: Parichay; Mayuri.

1979: Chirantan; Jiban Je Rakam.

1980: Bhagya Chakra

1981: Kalankini.

1982: Sonar Bangla.

1983: Indira; Deepar Prem.

1985: Baidurya Rahasya; Putulghar.

1987: Antarjali Jatra.

1988: Antaranga; Sankhachur.

1990: Raktorin; Ek Doctor Ki Maut.

1990: Sankranti.

1991: Raj Nartaki.

1992: Hirer Angti; Apon Ghar; Satya Mithya.

1993: Kacher Prithvi.


In 1965, Choudhury was awarded the Best Actor Prize for his film "Raja Rammohan" by B.F.J.A. In 1996, he also received Bangla Stage Centenary Star Theater award from Calcutta University. He had also acted in several Hindi films.

Choudhury had been the Sheriff of Kolkata. He was also appointed as the Chairman of Nandan-West Bengal Film Center,1/1, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata.


Choudhury had been suffering from lung cancer for quite sometime, but there is a terribly sad story of constant misdiagnosis by his doctor who wrongly sent him to undergo prostate surgery. Since there was no improvement in his condition after that, several tests were run by other doctors, but the correct diagnosis came in too late. He died on 20 June 2000 in Kolkata.

His image on Bengali Dhoti and Panjabi, with his inimitable Baritone voice still remains in the heart of many of his admirers.

The Information & Broadcasting Minister, Arun Jaitley has condoled the death of veteran film and stage actor and former Calcutta Sheriff, Basanta Choudhury. Jaitley said that Choudhury, who acted in about 200 Bangla films and gave over 2,000 stage performances, was an institution in himself and has left a void which is difficult to fill. Choudhury had a multifaceted personality and his contribution in the field of art, history, archaeological and numismatics (study of coins) was unparalleled, Jaitley said.[3]

Other well-known personalities from his family lineage[edit]


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