Basauri (Metro Bilbao)

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Logo Metro Bilbao.jpg
Location Bidasoa street, Bazozelai street; Basauri
Coordinates 43°14′12″N 2°53′40″W / 43.23667°N 2.89444°W / 43.23667; -2.89444Coordinates: 43°14′12″N 2°53′40″W / 43.23667°N 2.89444°W / 43.23667; -2.89444
Owned by Metro Bilbao, S.A.
Tracks 2
Structure type Underground
Parking No
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Fare zone Zone B.0
Opened November 11, 2011
Preceding station   Metro Bilbao   Following station
toward Santurtzi
Line 2 Terminus

Basauri is the south-eastern terminus of Line 2 of Metro Bilbao.[1] The station before is Ariz. Basauri station is located in the municipality of the same name, in the Greater Bilbao area.[2] It is one of the two stations located in this municipality, the other one being Ariz. It is an underground station and its fare zone is B0.


Basauri station was opened on November 11, 2011,[3] being the newest station of the network as of November 2011. It was one of the two stations planned for the municipality of Basauri, the other one being Ariz, opened on February 28, 2011.


Metro services[edit]

The station is served by the line 2, with trains to Santurtzi. The first train departs at 5:57am and the last one at 10:54pm from Mondays to Thursdays, 01:54am on Fridays and continuous on Saturday nights every 30 minutes.[4] Passengers willing to interchange to line 1 to the Right Bank (destinations, Bidezabal or Plentzia) may do so on any station located between Etxebarri and San Inazio.[1]

Bus services[edit]

The bus services are run by Bizkaibus, with frequent buses running to Galdakao and the University of the Basque Country in Leioa (line A2610), Ugao-Miraballes (line A2611), downtown Bilbao (line A3621), Arrigorriaga and Zaratamo (line A3622), Galdakao Hospital (line A3641), Orozko (line A3919) and Urduña (line A3920).

A special shuttle serive connects the station with the neighborhood of San Miguel.


The station can be accessed from:[2]

  • Bazozelai street (next to the Town Hall)
  • Bidasoa street
  • Elevator (Madrid Metro).svg Gipuzkoa street


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