Base Jumpers

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This article is about the Amiga game. For the sport, see BASE jumping.
Base Jumpers
Developer(s) Shadow Software[1]
Publisher(s) Rasputin Software[1]
Platform(s) Amiga, Amiga CD32
Release date(s) 1995
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Four-player

Base Jumpers is a platform game developed by Shadow Software for the Amiga.[1] It was released in 1995 and pusblished by Rasputin Software.

In this game, the player is a base jumper who jumps from towers. Each tower is a level through which the player must work himself, up towards the top in a platform gaming sequence. To collect bonuses, the player must find and pick up letters that form certain combinations (500 in total).

When reaching the top, there is a base jumping contest between the players which consists of trying to reach the bottom first while avoiding obstacles and opening their parachute in time.[1] Up to four players may play simultaneously.

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