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Skull base
Skull interior anatomy.svg
Base of the skull, inner surface
Skull base anatomy.jpg
Base of the skull, inferior or outer surface. Showing various muscle attachments.
Latin basis cranii
externa et. interna
MeSH D019291
TA A02.1.00.044
FMA 52801
Anatomical terms of bone

The base of skull, also known as the cranial base or the cranial floor, is the most inferior area of the skull. It is composed of the endocranium and the lower parts of the skull roof.


Base of the skull. Inferior surface, attachment of muscles marked in red.

Structures found at the base of the skull are for example:


There are five bones that make up the base of the skull:



Foramina of the skull[edit]

Endobasis-resistances beams
Endobasis-resistances nodes



The foramina in the base of the skull are exit and entry-points for veins, arteries and cranial nerves.
The cranial nerves as they exit through various foramina.

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