Baseball Federation of Japan

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Baseball Federation of Japan
Abbreviation BFJ
Formation June 20, 1990; 26 years ago (1990-06-20)
Purpose Represents amateur baseball in Japan
  • Japan
Services Organize Japanese amateur baseball throughout Japan and overseas
Leader Eiji Hatta

The Baseball Federation of Japan (BFJ) represents amateur baseball in Japan. They organize Japanese amateur baseball throughout Japan and overseas. The Federation was set up after the Japan Amateur Baseball Association (JAPA) and the Japan Student Baseball Association (JSBA) joined on June 20, 1990. They are the governing body for amateur baseball in Japan. In 2003, there was 160,000 people playing baseball in around 5,000 teams across Japan.[1] As of 2015, the BFJ represents six international teams: senior, women, university, high school/18U, 15U, and a 12U team.[1]

The Industrial League (JAPA) and Student Baseball (High School and College) had been run separately for a long time from before WWII. In 1954, they formed the Japan Amateur Baseball Federation to organize and represent a Japanese team in the first Asian Baseball Championship in the Philippines. In 1966, after participating in six Asian Baseball Championships, the Japan Amateur Baseball Federation was disbanded and reorganized into the Japan Amateur Baseball International Committee in 1967.

Beginning in 1984, baseball was being considered as an Olympic sport. After being used as a demonstration sport of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles (1984), Seoul (1988), and became a regular Olympic sport at the Barcelona games in 1992. These developments prompted the unification of the JAPA and JSBA to become one body of amateur baseball and the Baseball Federation of Japan (BFJ) on June 20, 1990. The BFJ joined the Japanese Olympic Committee, International Baseball Federation, and Baseball Federation of Asia. [2]

BFJ Committees and Organizations[edit]

As of 2015, the BFJ has four subcommittees: the National Team Commission, Umpiring Commission, Sport and Environment Commission, and Anti-Doping Commission.

It is also represented in six International Organizations: International Baseball Federation (iBAF) 1st Vice President, Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA) Vice President, iBAF Tournaments Commission, iBAF Medical/Anti-Doping Commission, iBAF Women's Development Commission, and the iBAF Athletes Commission. [3]

BFJ Executive Members[edit]

Position Member Affiliation
President Eiji Hatta JSBA President
Vice President Norio Ichino JABA President
Vice President Yoshinobu Suzuki JABA Vice President
Executive Director Kazuhiro Tawa JSBA Director
Member at-large Takayasu Okushima JHBF President & JSBA Director
Member at-large Akira Nambara JUBF Vice President &JSBA Director
Member at-large Masaru Ushiro JABA Executive Director
Member at-large Katsuji Kawashima JABA Vice President
Secretary General Masayuki Naito Secretary General, JSBA & JUBF



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