Baseball Finnish Championship Series

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Baseball Finnish Championship Series
Sport Baseball
Founded 1981
No. of teams 4
Country Finland
Most recent
Espoo Expos
Most titles Espoo Expos 10
Official website

The Baseball Finnish Championship Series has been played in Finland since 1981. Currently the Championship consists of 4 teams, but has had as many as 7 (in 2007). The current teams are from Helsinki (Puumat and Bullets), Espoo (Expos), and Tampere (Tigers). The Championship winner represents Finland in the following year's CEB European Cup tournament.


The first year of the Finnish Championship Series was 1981, in which the championship was won by the Hawks from Helsinki. The Hawks merged with Helsingin Pallotoverit and the team won under the name Wranglers also in 1982. After the 1982 season the team changed its name to Puumat (Pumas) and has been one of the most successful clubs and the only club to remain from the 1980s; and still plays currently. Due to the recession, the 1992 season was not played, and the history of baseball can be divided between pre-1992 and post 1992.

The only team outside the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to win the Finnish Championship was Riihimäen Piraijat (Riihimäki Piranhas) in 1994.

League format[edit]

The season starts in early May and is completed by the end of August or early September. Currently there are 4 teams in the top league. Each team in the Finnish Championship Series plays 15 games; teams play against each other 5 times. The top 2 teams meet in the Best-of-Five Championship Series.


Championships won by team[edit]

  • 10 Espoo Expos
  • 9 Helsinki Puumat (Hawks/Wranglers)
  • 5 Espoo Athletics
  • 3 Helsinki Devils
  • 1 Helsinki Kintaro
  • 1 Espoo Baseball Softball Club (EBSC)
  • 1 Riihimäki Piraijat
  • 1 Helsinki Icebreakers


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