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Ontario Baseball Association
Baseball Ontario Logo.jpg
Sport Baseball
Jurisdiction Ontario
Abbreviation Baseball Ontario
Founded 1918 (1918)
Headquarters Cambridge
Location Cambridge, Ontario, Canda
President Mark Orton
Sponsor Sport Canada
Baseball Canada
Replaced Ontario Baseball Amateur Association
Official website

Baseball Ontario, officially known as the Ontario Baseball Association (OBA), is the provincial governing body for baseball in Ontario. The Ontario Baseball Association was founded under the name “Ontario Baseball Amateur Association” which was organized at a meeting held in Hamilton at the Central YMCA on Saturday, May 4, 1918. In 1938, the name was changed to “Ontario Baseball Association”, and in 1982, the organization was incorporated as “Ontario Baseball Association, Inc”. Baseball Ontario currently has its headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario.[1]

In 2013, Baseball Ontario was named Province of the Year by Baseball Canada due, in large part to the 8 medals won by Ontario teams at National Championships. Ontario medaled in all 7 tournaments winning gold at the Bantam Girls, Bantam Boys, Midget, Junior, Senior Women and Senior Men's tournaments in addition to a silver medal at the Baseball Canada Cup and a bronze at the Senior Men's tournament.

Hall of Fame[edit]

The establishment of the Baseball Ontario Hall of Fame provides the opportunity to recognize individuals and teams that have achieved the highest standards and commitment to the sport of baseball in Ontario.

Inductees of the Baseball Ontario Hall of Fame are players, coaches, managers, umpires, teams and builders. They are chosen by the Baseball Ontario Hall of Fame’s Selection Committee.

Year Category Inductee
2013 Builder Vi Christopher
Builder Carmen Bush
Player Ferguson Jenkins
Team Windsor Chiefs Senior Baseball Team 1982-1991


In order of priority, the objectives of the OBA as clearly stated in the Constitution & By-Laws of Baseball Ontario are:

  1. To foster and improve baseball at all levels in the Province of Ontario.
  2. To protect and promote the mutual interests of the members.
  3. To institute and regulate competition for the Ontario championships.
  4. To institute and regulate competition for determining the Ontario representative(s) in the national or Canadian play-offs.[2]

Age and category[edit]

To be eligible to play in a particular category, a player must fall within the age group indicated next to the category listed in the table below. It is possible for a younger player to play with an older age category, such as a Mosquito-aged player with a Peewee-aged team; however, the player will be considered as a player of the older series and cannot be called up to the younger series team.[3]

A right-handed T-Ball player swings at a ball on the tee. Photo by Vinnie Ahuja
Category Age Group
T-Ball 8 and under
Junior Rookie Ball 8 and under
Senior Rookie Ball 9 and under
Minor Mosquito 10 and under
Mosquito 11 and under
Minor Peewee 12 and under
Peewee Girls 13 and under
Peewee 13 and under
Minor Bantam 14 and under
Bantam 15 and under
Bantam Girls 16 and under
Minor Midget 16 and under
Midget 18 and under
Junior 21 and under
Women’s Unlimited

Baseball Ontario Rules[edit]

The links below provide summaries and approved interpretations of the following Baseball Ontario rules.

Mississauga-born Shawn Hill is a baseball pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

Special Playing Rules[edit]

Specific Playing Rules[edit]

General Rules[edit]

As a result of the Board of Directors meetings held April 15, and May 27, 2007 the following clarifications are being provided to the membership:

  1. Glasses/Sunglasses are not prohibited, and therefore may be worn by any player, including the pitcher.
  2. Lightning: Please remember, the baseball season is a prime time for thunder storms, so be aware of lightning and remember the 30–30 Rule.
    • 30–30 Rule: Determine the threat of lightning in your area.
    • 30 Seconds: Count the seconds between seeing lightning and hearing thunder. If this time is less than 30 seconds, lightning is still a potential threat. Seek shelter immediately.
    • 30 minutes: After the last lightning flash, wait 30 minutes before leaving shelter. Half of all lightning deaths occur after the storm passes. Stay in a safe area until you are sure the threat has passed.
  3. Baseball Ontario recognizes NOCSAE as their standard for Baseball Helmets. NOCSAE states that possible problems can be created from the painting and/or placing of stickers on helmets. Therefore, Baseball Ontario recommends that no modifications to a helmet be made, other than what is done by the manufacturer or is completed at the explicit directions of the manufacturer.[5][6]

Baseball Ontario Umpires[edit]

Baseball Ontario Umpire Development Logo.jpg

Baseball Ontario's Umpire Development program is administered under the leadership of the Supervisor of Umpires, Ed Quinlan and The Baseball Ontario Umpires Committee. It is one of the hardest working committees in the OBA, working year-round to improve umpiring across the province. They are always available to answer any questions or comments about the Ontario Baseball Association’s umpiring program.

Umpires in Ontario are certified by Baseball Canada trained Course Conductors and progress through the ranks beginning with Level 1 and working their way to the pinnacle of amateur umpiring in Canada, Level 5 (International Certified).

Umpire Committee[edit]

The following individuals currently form the Baseball Ontario Umpires Committee.[7]

Umpire Committee member Chris Wilhelm demonstrates the official uniform of Baseball Ontario Umpires
  • Ray Merkley, Supervisor of Umpires
  • Ed Quinlan
  • Trevor Grieve
  • Miqdad Jaffer
  • Jim McMillan
  • Lisa Turbitt
  • Chris Wilhelm

Umpire Certification[edit]

The following chart describes the OBA’s umpire certification program, and how one would go about becoming an umpire. First, one must be certified as a Level 1 umpire. At this level, no previous experience is necessary, and to meet the requirements one must simply attend a Level 1 clinic. The chart also demonstrates final examination requirements; the levels of baseball that a Level 1 umpire is certified to umpire; and, the requirements necessary to maintain certification. The evaluation column refers to required live evaluations from highly trained umpires during an actual game.

Level Experience Requirements Examination Application Evaluation Maintaining Status
1 None Attend a level 1 clinic None All levels of House League and up to and including Peewee Rep None Attend clinic yearly
2 Have a Level 1 for a min. of 2 years Attend a level 2 clinic Obtain 60% or more (yearly) Provincial level baseball up to and including Midget None Attend clinic yearly
3 Have a level 2 for a min. of 3 years Submit a level 3 exam yearly and attend a Level 3 Superclinic every three years Obtain 76% or more (yearly) All levels of provincial baseball 1 base and 1 plate evaluation recommended Submit an exam and registration fee yearly. Attend a clinic every three years
4 Have a level 3 for a min. of 1 year Attend a level 4 clinic by invitation (need to be evaluated first) Obtain 86% or more All levels of baseball in Canada 1 base and 1 plate evaluation by a Senior/Master Course Conductor Attend clinic yearly and complete base and plate evaluation yearly
5 Work a minimum of 3 National Tournaments, at least 1 at major level Attend a Level 4 clinic by invitation Obtain 86% or more All levels of international baseball 1 base and 1 plate evaluation by a Senior/Master Course Conductor Attend clinic yearly and complete base and plate evaluation yearly

World Baseball Classic[edit]

In 2013, Baseball Ontario Umpire Committee member and former Minor League umpire Trevor Grieve was selected to participate in the World Baseball Classic.

Grieve was given the opportunity to umpire at the WBC Qualifier in Jupiter, Florida in September 2012 where he worked four out of six tournament games including home plate when South Africa took on France in an elimination game and first base when Spain defeated Israel in the championship contest.

The Oshawa, ON native umpired every round of the WBC beginning in Taichung, Taiwan for the first round before travelling to Tokyo, Japan for the second round of competition.

Trevor was very successful in the first two rounds of the tournament and earned a spot in the Championship Round held in San Francisco, CA working third & first base in each of the semi-final games and then finishing off the tournament by working the right field line in the Gold Medal game with three MLB umpires.

MLB's First Year Player Draft (2009) – Ontario Players[edit]

By the end of the First Year Player Draft in 2009, 1521 players were drafted by the 30 Major League Baseball teams. From the 1521 players drafted, forty were Canadian, with fourteen coming from Ontario. First, the Toronto Blue Jays selected Newmarket native Jake Eliopoulos as their second pick and number 68th overall. In total, the Toronto Blue Jays selected four players from Ontario. Furthermore, in the 41st round the Detroit Tigers selected Chatham’s Larry Balkwill, who was named Baseball Ontario’s 2008 Adult Player of the Year.

Listed below are all of the Ontario players selected in the 2009 First Year Player Draft.

Team Pick Overall MLB Team Position Name Home Town
2nd (68th) Toronto Blue Jays LHP Jake ELIOPOULOS Newmarket
12th (359th) Cincinnati Reds OF Josh GARTON Guelph
15th (445th) Pittsburgh Pirates C Peter BAKO Mississauga
15th (457th) Los Angeles Dodgers 3B Jeff HUNT Cambridge
19th (569th) Cincinnati Reds LHP Mitch CLARKE Kitchener
20th (604th) Texas Rangers RHP Jerome WERNIUK Toronto
29th (886th) Milwaukee Brewers OF Chandler McLAREN Guelph
30th (903rd) Oakland A’s OF Royce CONSIGLI Welland
41st (1230th) Detroit Tigers C Larry BALKWILL Chatham
42nd (1270th) Toronto Blue Jays C Mike REEVES Peterborough
43rd (1300th) Toronto Blue Jays INF Maxx TISSENBAUM Toronto
45th (1345th) Seattle Mariners 2B Kevin MAILLOUX Tecumseh
48th (1434th) San Diego Padres OF Andrew RUCK Pickering
48th (1450th) Toronto Blue Jays RHP Jeffrey GIBBS Toronto

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees from Ontario[edit]

Since its inception as a non-profit, charitable foundation in October 1983, the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum has been dedicated to preserving Canada’s rich baseball heritage. Originally located in Toronto at both Exhibition Place and then Ontario Place until 1989, the Hall then moved to its current location in St. Marys in 1994 and opened in 1998.[10]

The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum has 90 Inductees (including the 2010 Inductees). They range from players to administrators to amateurs to umpires to trainers and to builders.[11]

Listed below are the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum Inductees from Ontario:

Jack Graney, a left fielder in Major League Baseball who played his entire career with the Cleveland Indians.
Year Name
1983 Philip Joseph “Fidgety Phil” “Babe” MARCHILDON
1983 James Edward "Tip" “The Woodstock Wonder” O'NEILL
1983 George Alexander “Twinkletoes” SELKIRK
1984 John Gladstone “Jack” GRANEY
1984 Goodwin George "Goody" “The Toronto Tidbit” ROSEN
1985 Richard John “Dick” FOWLER
1985 John Frederick HILLER
1985 Ronald Wesley “Ron” TAYLOR
1986 Robert Daniel EMSLIE
1986 Thomas William Oscar “Ossie” “Lefty” JUDD
1987 George C. “Mooney” GIBSON
1987 Ferguson Arthur “Fergie” “Fly” JENKINS
1988 Reno Peter BERTOIA
1988 John Geoffrey “Jeff” HEATH
1989 Arthur Albert “Foxy” “Doc” “Sandy” IRWIN
1991 James Bernard “Jimmy” WILLIAMS
1992 Thomas Roland “Tim” BURGESS
1996 Jay Justin "Nig" CLARKE
1996 James Francis “Frank” “Blackie” O’ROURKE
1998 George "Knotty" LEE
1998 Sylvan "Ron" RONCETTI
1999 Frank Lloyd COLMAN
1999 George SLEEMAN
2002 William Henry “Bill” SLACK
2003 Kirk Edward McCASKILL
2006 Ronald Duncan ”Ron” STEAD
2009 Roy Oscar “Doc” MILLER
2009 Bernie SOULLIERE
2010 Paul “Q” QUANTRILL

First Recorded Baseball Game[edit]

1838 Beachville & Zorra Amateur Teams – First Recorded Baseball Game
1988 Induction year into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

On June 4, 1838, a year before Abner Doubleday was recognized with inventing baseball in Cooperstown, New York, two teams from Oxford and Zorra townships met in Beachville, Ontario in what is now known as the first documented game in North American history. It was Dr. Adam Ford, a former resident of St. Marys, Ontario, now home to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, who later reported details of this game in a letter published in the May 5, 1886 issue of Sporting Life magazine.

While living in Denver, Colorado, he wrote of his recollections that the match was played on a square field in a pasture. The game included five bases, fair and foul balls, players using a hand hewn stick as a bat and a ball made of twisted yarn and covered with calf skin. Ford's account was researched by the Beachville District Historical Society and it was concluded that the information in his letter is authentic.

The following are the names of the players on the Beachville and Zorra teams that participated in the historic game:

Almon BURCH Peter KARN
Gordon COOK Reuben MARTIN
William DODGE Nathaniel McNAMES
William FORD James PIPER

Board of Directors[edit]

Board of Management[edit]

The members of the Ontario Baseball Association Board of Directors includes the President, first Vice President, second Vice President, the Immediate Past President, six elected Directors, the Treasurer, Life Members, Honorary Members, Past Presidents and one appointed Director from each Affiliated Association who is appointed by his or her own Affiliated Association.[14] Each member is responsible, through a series of meetings, for making various decisions that affect the OBA, including but not limited to organizing league tournaments, coaches, sponsorships, and management of funds. The Board of Director meeting minutes for both current and past meetings can be found at Baseball Ontario's official website.[15] The following table lists the current members of the OBA's Board of Management.

Name Position
David Huctwith President
Ed Quinlan First Vice President
Allan Ebert Second Vice President
Mark Orton Immediate Past President
Linda Lewis Treasurer
Howie Birnie OBA Registrar
Ray Merkley Supervisor of Umpires
Jeffrey Albaum Rep Division Director
Dirk Drieberg Rep Division Director
Cathy Lamarucciola Rep Division Director
Glenn Ostrosser Rep Division Director
Brent Peltola Rep Division Director
Justin Snively-Topping Rep Division Director
David Black Select Division Director
Patrick McConnell Select Division Director
Ted Williams Select Division Director

Life Members[edit]

Life Members are recommended by the OBA Board of Directors once the individual has continuously served the OBA for fifteen years or more and if the OBA Board of Directors want to reward the active service of the individual with an official status. Only previous Honorary Members are eligible to be appointed Life Members. The maximum number of Life Members that can serve at any one time is three; however, Life Members appointed prior to 1972 will maintain their status during their lifetime.[14] When necessary, Life Members may be called upon to rule on matters not covered in the OBA Constitution and By-Laws and their decisions on these matters are final.[16] The following individuals currently hold the Ontario Baseball Association's Life Members' positions.

  • Jim LUTTON
  • Keith WEESE
  • Ron PEGG

Honorary Members[edit]

Honorary Members are given their title by the OBA Board of Directors for their endless commitment and commendable service to the Ontario Baseball Association. Honorary Members have the right of delegates at all Annual and Special Meetings of the OBA, including the right to vote.[14] The following is a list of the current Ontario Baseball Association's Honorary Members.

  • Dennis RYAN
  • Bernie SOULLIERE
  • Howie BIRNIE
  • Linda LEWIS

Active Past Presidents[edit]

Like Honorary Members, Past Presidents have the right to vote at all Annual Meetings and Special Meetings of the OBA.[14] With Life Members, Past Presidents can be called upon to make final decisions on matters that are not addressed in the Ontario Baseball Association Constitution and By-Laws.[16]

  • Linda LEWIS
  • Jim LUTTON
  • Randy PICKLE

Affiliate Representatives[edit]

The following table lists the head representatives from each affiliate association within the Ontario Baseball Association.

Name Affiliate
Mike LEBEL Algoma Baseball Association
Bill ARBUTHNOTT Central Ontario Baseball Association
Tom HARROD Eastern Ontario Baseball Association
Tony BLAINEY Hamilton District Baseball Association
Cathy GRAVER Inter County Baseball Association
Justin SNIVELY London District Baseball Association
Linda TOPOLIE North Bay Baseball Association
Andrew BEATTIE National Capital Amateur Baseball Association
Mike LUMLEY North Central Baseball Association
Al DOBBIN Niagara District Baseball Association
Ric DUWYN Southern Counties Baseball Association
Ted WILLIAMS Select Ontario Baseball Association
Bobbi REIVE Sun Parlour Baseball Association
Randy RICE Timmins Area Baseball Association
Dave BLACK Toronto Baseball Association
Reg GALBRAITH Thunder Bay Baseball Association
John VASEY Western Counties Baseball Association
Cathy BERLETT Western Ontario Baseball Association
Cathy LAMARUCCIOLA York-Simcoe Baseball Association

Past Presidents[edit]

Years Name City
1918 W.J. Smith* Toronto
1919-1921 F.E. Robbins* Hamilton
1922 P.M. Kennedy* Toronto
1923-1924 D.P. MacFarlane* Harriston
1925-1927 W.J. Snyder* Hamilton
1928 G.S. Martin* London
1929 A. Hillmer* Oakville
1930-1931 R.A. Elliott* Delora
1932-1933 C.K. Jutten* Hamilton
1934-1935 W.A. Smith* Galt
1936 A.J. Walsh* Toronto
1937 N.A. Taylor* Delhi
1938-1939 J.W. Scott* Kitchener
1940-1941 J.C. MacDonald* Chelsey
1942-1943 W.G. Ward* Niagara Falls
1944 H.H. Berscht* Hamilton
1945 W.J. Snyder* Hamilton
1946-1947 Ralph B. Hall* Port Colborne
1948-1949 Fred Bradley* Hamilton
1950-1951 Fred H. Young* Chippawa
1952 W.F. Nickel* Stratford
1953 Archie Stirling* Chatham
1954-1955 C.G. Riddell* Milton
1956 Thos. J. Turow* Preston
1957-1959 Pete McMullen* Milton
1960 Otto Manske* Waterloo
1961-1962 Jack C. Carson* Belleville
1963-1964 Jim Waldie* Milton
1965-1966 Wilfred Johnston* West Lorne
1967-1968 George Bain* Hamilton
1969-1970 Jim Inglis* Guelph
1971-1972 Joe Zimmer* Chatham
1973-1974 Len Andrews* Campbellville
1975-1976 Jim Lutton Oshawa
1977-1978 Jack Lee* Thorold
1979-1980 Keith Weese Corunna
1981-1982 Harve Bailie* London
1983-1984 Gerry MacLean Thorold
1985-1986 Lee Nantais Windsor
1987-1988 Vi Christopher Belleville
1989-1990 Dennis Ryan Hamilton
1991-1992 Howie Bernie Leaside
1993 John Coppes* Cambridge
1993-1995 Bernie Soulliere Windsor
1996-1997 Linda Lewis Port Lambton
1998-1999 Jack Middlemass* Kitchener
2000-2002 Peter Topolie North Bay
2003-2005 Randy Pickle Oshawa
2006-2008 Don McKnight Newmarket
2009–2014 Mark Orton Oshawa
2015-Present David Huctwith Hamilton


Series Chairs[edit]

Series Chairs act as the liaison between their identified league and/or title and the OBA Board of Management. Series Chairs are responsible for reviewing the proposed team(s) classifications submitted by the Affiliated Associations to ensure all the information is complete and correct. The Series Chairs must also make certain that each team is properly classified based on the performance of the team, the quality of its competition, and the size of the community. The Series Chairs are responsible for making final recommendations with regards to team classifications.[19] The following table lists the OBA's Series Chairs and their respective positions.

Name Position
Ed QUINLAN Competition Committee Chair
Allan EBERT Technical Committee Chair
Cathy LAMARUCCIOLA Overall Series Chair
Justin SNIVELY-TOPPING Senior Chair
Howie BIRNIE Junior Chair
Brent PELTOLA Midget Chair
Cathy LAMARUCCIOLA Bantam Chair
Glenn OSTROSSER Peewee Chair
George BROWN Mosquito Chair
Annette HOGGARTH Rookie Ball Chair
Jeffrey ALBAUM Girl’s/Women’s Chair

Affiliate Secretaries / Registrars – 2013[edit]

Affiliate secretaries and/or registrars deal with general inquiries, concerns, and registrations for their respective OBA-affiliated inner leagues. The following table lists the current OBA secretaries and/or registrars and their respective affiliate association.

Affiliate Position Name
ABA Registrar Greg McAULEY
COBA Secretary Debbie JAMES
COBA Registrar Andrew WYELD
EOBA Secretary Carol STEELE
EOBA Registrar Sheryl PRYCE
HDBA Secretary Tony BLAINEY
HDBA Registrar Larry WOOD
ICBA Secretary / Registrar Rick DOWNTON
LDBA Secretary / Registrar Diane WAKEFIELD
NCBA Secretary / Registrar Mike LUMLEY
NCABA Secretary / Registrar
SCBA Secretary Tracey WALKER
SPBA Secretary Shelly NEVIN
SPBA Registrar Tim MOTRUK
TBA Midget-Senior Secretary / Registrar Howie BIRNIE
TBA Rookie-Bantam Registrar Bob WHITAKER
TBBA Secretary Vicki GALBRAITH
WCBA Secretary / Registrar Linda LEWIS
WOBA Secretary Cathy BERLETT
WOBA Registrar Jamie FLEET
YSBA Secretary / Registrar Cathy LAMARUCCIOLA

Baseball Ontario Office Staff[edit]

Both the Administrative Director and the Administrative Co-ordinator are responsible for the daily operations of the Baseball Ontario office in Cambridge, Ontario. Their duties include processing applications and fees from Affiliated Associations as well as expense claims from the Board of Management. They are also responsible for disseminating information to all Board Members, Series Chairs, and Affiliated Associations of the Ontario Baseball Association.[20]

Name Position
Mary-Ann Smith Administrative Director
Enza Finnie Administrative Coordinator
Kaira Ostrosser Programs Coordinator

Baseball Ontario Associations[edit]

Affiliated Associations interested in joining the Ontario Baseball Association must send a completed membership application, a list of its officers, and a copy of its constitution and by-laws, to the OBA Office for approval.[21] Once approved, Affiliated Associations are responsible for submitting classifications of the team(s) within their jurisdiction to the OBA Office.[19] With every new membership approval, territorial boundaries for each and every association are re-assessed and determined by the OBA Board of Directors. [22] The following list names the OBA's current Affiliated Associations.

Algoma Baseball Association (ABA) North Central Baseball Association (NCBA)
Central Ontario Baseball Association (COBA) Select Ontario Baseball Association (SOBA)
Eastern Ontario Baseball Association (EOBA) Southern Counties Baseball Association (SCBA)
Hamilton District Baseball Association (HDBA) Sun Parlour Baseball Association (SPBA)
Inter County Baseball Association (ICBA) Thunder Bay Baseball Association (TBBA)
London District Baseball Association (LDBA) Timmins Area Baseball Association (TABA)
National Capital Amateur Baseball Association (NCABA) Toronto Baseball Association (TBA)
National Capital Senior Baseball Association (NCSBA) Western Counties Baseball Association (WCBA)
Niagara District Baseball Association (NDBA) Western Ontario Baseball Association (WOBA)
North Bay Baseball Association (NBBA) York-Simcoe Baseball Association (YSBA)

Major Award Winners[edit]

Dick Willis Memorial Umpire of the Year Award - Level 1/2[edit]

1992 John Pennylegion Jr.
1994 Ben Durham
1995 Brian Whalen
1996 Tim Donald
1997 David Cahill
1998 Neil Gomer
1999 Ben Aldridge
2000 David Oswald
2001 Jacqui Klas
2002 Chris Walters
2003 David Bunce
2004 Shaun Heddon
2005 Pamela Lamb
2006 Matthew Fergenbaum
2007 Lucas Berk
2008 Ian McKee
2009 Gourville Bezuidenhout
2010 Zachary Harmer
2011 Matthew Clarke
2012 Robert Nelson
2013 Riley Scandlan
2014 Shawn Esseltine
2015 Natalie Shears
2016 Kieran Sweetman

Dick Willis Memorial Umpire of the Year Award - Level 3[edit]

1992 Don Gilbert
1993 George Ross
1994 Alec Lockington
1995 John Duncan
1996 Martin Verbeek
1997 Norman Cadorin
1998 Ray Merkley
1999 Ben Mercier
2000 Larry Voisin
2001 Blair Hains
2002 Dave Margetts
2003 Dayle Legros
2004 Robert Stevenson
2005 Chuck Smith
2006 Pat Beaton
2007 Bernie McGuire
2008 David Attridge
2009 Rick Charlton
2010 Nikki Ross
2011 Dennis Watson
2012 Barry D'Costa
2013 Bill Fleming
2014 Jim Taylor
2015 Taylor McKnight
2016 Bob Lamb

Don Gilbert Umpire of the Year - Level 4/5[edit]

2006 Chris Wilhelm
2007 Jamie Killingsworth
2008 Trevor Grieve
2009 Lisa Turbitt
2010 Jim McMillan
2011 Rob Companion
2012 Justin Snively
2013 Keith McConkey
2014 Peter Skrypka
2015 Csaba Vegh
2016 Benoit Mercier

Coach of the Year[edit]

1991 T-Ball George Birch
Rookie Ball Ron Austin
Mosquito Leamington
Peewee Bill Matheson
Bantam Rob Snodden
Midget Bill Garrard
Juvenile Mike Bentien
Junior Jim Dales
1992 Rookie Ball Tom Boroski
Mosquito Rick Beer
Peewee Larry Dudgeon
Bantam Bill Byckowski
Midget Noel Chricton
Juvenile Gerry Shephard
Senior Don Fields
1993 Rookie Ball Ron Austin
Mosquito Dave Ashman
Bantam Ken Petrie
Midget Ken Kay
Juvenile Rick Fremlin
Senior Ron McDermott
1994 T-Ball Bob Stark
Mosquito Clyde King
Bantam Harry McAloney
Midget Larry Pearson
Juvenile Glenn Bellerby
Junior Dave Imeson
1995 Mosquito John Benvie
Peewee Randy Mulroy
Bantam Martin Tweyman
Midget James Kane
Juvenile Dan Colquhoun
Brian Kennedy
Junior Paul Picard
Senior Joe Lavers
1996 Rookie Ball John Enright
Mosquito Skip Maedel
Peewee Scott Miller
Bantam Bob Beer
Midget Ken Hatt
Juvenile Gary Hartman
Junior Dave Imeson
Senior Larry Tearun
1997 Rookie Ball Tim Dennis
Mosquito Mark Nikita
Peewee Marie McKeen
Bantam Pierre Dufault
Midget Gary Marciniak
Juvenile Sil Venerus
Girls Peter Topolie
1998 Mosquito Ken Hussey
Bantam Jason Wuerch
Midget Mark Hayes
Juvenile Ted Wiper
Senior Andrew Green

In 1999, the Coach of the Year Award was divided into two categories:

  • Youth (Peewee and down)
  • Adult (Bantam and up)
1999 Youth Don Leaman
Adult Cliff Shank
2000 Youth Mike Rondeau
Adult Tom Bradley
2001 Youth Don Swartz
Chris Deeley
Adult Mike Lumley
2002 Youth Scott White
Adult Dennis Cornies
2003 Youth John Milton
Adult Mark Munro
2004 Youth Sean Firman
Adult Scott Macdonald
2005 Youth Stephen Davis
Adult Steve Kretz
2006 Youth Dean Dicenzo
Adult Keith Sanford
2007 Youth Dave Jantzi
Adult Al Bernacchi
2008 Youth Clare Osborne
Adult Jim Sheppard
2009 Youth John Corbett
Adult Mike Kelly
2010 Youth Darwin Barker
Adult Meyer Shemtov
2011 Youth Carrie-Anne McQuaid
Adult Mike Lumley
2012 Youth Frank Gallo
Adult Terry Oulds
2013 Youth Chad Dube
Adult Scott Chapman

Player of the Year Award - Youth[edit]

1994 Chris Green
1996 Dan Hansen
1997 Scott Thorman
1998 Bradley Gould
1999 Chris Emanuele
2000 Derek Lowe
2001 Dan Zehr
2002 Kate Psota
2003 Ian Choy
2004 Trevor Barton
2005 Cain Monaghan
2006 Tanner Nivins
2007 McCalla Sturgeon
2008 Geoffrey Seto
2009 Nicholas Dimpfel
2010 Jordan Joly
2011 Connor May
2012 Jason Stott
2013 Noah Naylor

Player of the Year Award - Adult[edit]

1994 Mike Kusiewicz
1995 Paul Brown
Shawn Pearson
1996 Doug Vandecaveye
1997 Jason Mandryk
1998 Patrick Nailer
1999 Tanner Watson
2000 BJ Richardson
2001 Chris Robinson
2002 Jamie Romak
2003 Cherie Piper
2004 Davey Wallace
2005 Kevin Long
2006 Greg Densem
2007 Robert Cooper
2008 Larry Balkwill
2009 Ryan Zimmer
2010 Jake Lumley
2011 Byron Reichstein
2012 Matthew Smith
2013 Justin Gideon

Fergie Jenkins Pitcher of the Year Award[edit]

2004 Terry Oulds
2005 Greg Shillington
2006 Kevin Wallace
2007 Eric Cunningham

The Fergie Jenkins Award for Pitcher of the Year was divided into two categories - Youth and Adult beginning in 2008.

2008 Youth Dane Gordon
Adult Jordan Prosper
2009 Youth Jordan Joly
Adult Billy Hurley
2010 Youth Jordan Joly
Adult Jordan Abram
2011 Youth Jacob Kush
Adult Steven Carter
2012 Youth Brady Wagenhoffer
Adult Blake Weston
2013 Youth Anthony Vavaroutsos
Adult Alexander MacKinnon

Jack Middlemass Volunteer of the Year Award[edit]

1990 Bob Barnes
1991 Ted Wilford
1992 Alf Whaley
1993 Nels Laframboise
1994 Joseph Cheeseman
1995 Martin Verbeek
1996 John Pennylegion
1997 Sam Lamb
1998 Wally Fortuna
1999 Bill Kell
2000 Norm Bryan
2001 Bill Down
2002 Dan Pulham
2003 Mike Ignor
2004 Florence Simons
2005 Sheila Kerrigan
2006 Troy May
2007 Gary Tonelli
2008 Doug Sutton
2009 Luciano Dipalma
2010 Rick Prior
2011 Patrick & Kersten Campagna
2012 Tom LaPorte
2013 Joe Chauvin

Team of the Year Award[edit]

1995 Markham Peewee Mariners
Windsor Junior Selects
1996 Team Canada 16U
1997 London Badgers
1998 Team Ontario Peewee Girls
1999 Waterloo Peewee Team
2000 Team Ontario Lady Jays
Port Dover Midgets
2001 London Midget Badgers
2002 Markham Peewee Team
2003 Markham Senior Mariners
2004 Windsor Junior Selects
2005 Brampton Midget Royals
2006 Mississauga SW Twins Midgets
2007 Windsor Junior Selects
2008 Windsor Stars Senior Team
2009 London Midget Badgers
2010 Vahghan Vikings Bantam Team
2011 North York Bantam AAA
2012 Brampton Bantam Royals
2013 London Midget Badgers

Barry Salt Director of the Year Award[edit]

1989 John Coppes
1990 Brian Hanson
1991 Tom Lawson
1993 Howie Birnie
1994 Jack Middlemass
Ed Scheck
1995 Noreen Brodie
1996 Don Gilbert
1997 Don McKnight
1998 David Huctwith
1999 Barrie Salt
2000 David Huctwith
2001 Chick McKenzie
Don McKnight
2002 Noreen Brodie
2003 Allan Ebert
2004 Wayne Parro
2005 Howard Dewsbury
2006 Mark Orton
2007 Ed Quinlan
2008 Dirk Drieberg
2009 Bob Humphries
2010 Tony Jasinski
2011 Dirk Drieberg
2012 Allan Ebert
2013 Cathy Lamarucciola

President Award[edit]

1994 Linda Lewis
1995 David Huctwith
1996 Bernie Soulliere
1998 David Dash
1999 Ed Quinlan
2000 Randy Pickle
2001 Terry Hill
Gary Marciniak
2002 Bob Humphries
2003 Windsor Single-Site Committee
2005 Jason Chee-Aloy
2006 George Birch
2007 Howie Birnie
2008 Steve Virtue
2009 Don McKnight
2010 Linda Lewis
2011 David Huctwith
2012 Bob Elliott
2013 Marc Picard

George Spalding Association of the Year Award[edit]

1986 Western Counties Baseball Association
1987 Western Counties Baseball Association
1988 Central Ontario Baseball Association
1989 Sun Parlour Baseball Association
1990 Sun Parlour Baseball Association
1991 Central Ontario Baseball Association
1992 York Simcoe Baseball Association
1993 Central Ontario Baseball Association
1994 Central Ontario Baseball Association
1995 Central Ontario Baseball Association
1996 Central Ontario Baseball Association
1998 Intercounty Baseball Association
1999 Central Ontario Baseball Association
2000 Toronto Baseball Association
2002 Eastern Ontario Baseball Association
2003 Eastern Ontario Baseball Association
2004 Central Ontario Baseball Association
2005 Sun Parlour Baseball Association
2006 Toronto Baseball Association
2007 Sun Parlour Baseball Association
2008 Sun Parlour Baseball Association
2009 Intercounty Baseball Association
2010 Eastern Ontario Baseball Association
2011 Intercounty Baseball Association
2012 Central Ontario Baseball Association
2013 Intercounty Baseball Association

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