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Baseball WA is the governing body of baseball within Western Australia. Baseball WA is governed by the Australian Baseball Federation.

In 1999, Baseball WA Ltd was formed as a company limited by shares by the merger of the West Australian Baseball League, the West Australian Junior Baseball League and the Baseball Development Foundation. Each member club is considered a shareholder in the company, as well as the local umpires and scorers associations and the local masters league, for players over 35 years of age.

State League[edit]

The top level of baseball locally in Western Australia is the Baseball WA State League. The league began in 1936 as the West Australian Baseball League's 'A Grade' competition, changing its name to State League in 1991/92. The league played during the winter months from its formation until 1963, switching to a summer competition for the 1963/64 season.

State League Clubs[edit]

Club Nickname Location Home Ground Field Manager Championships Most Recent
Braves Baseball Club of Melville City Braves Willagee, Western Australia Winnacott Reserve Geoff Dyer
Carine Cats Ball Club Cats Carine, Western Australia Carine Open Space Greg Jelks
Gosnells Hawks Baseball Club Hawks Thornlie, Western Australia Tom Bateman Reserve Kevin Atkinson
Morley Eagles Baseball Club Eagles Morley, Western Australia Crimea Park Chris House
Perth Baseball Club Mets Inglewood, Western Australia Inglewood Oval Glenn Watson
Rockingham Districts Baseball Club Rams Cooloongup, Western Australia Hourglass Reserve Mark Clay
South Perth Baseball Club Cubs Como, Western Australia Collins Oval Rod Drew
Swan Districts Baseball Club Swans Middle Swan, Western Australia Charlie Hodder Field Adam Courcha
Victoria Park/Belmont Baseball Club Reds Cloverdale, Western Australia Forster Park Gary Boyer
Wanneroo Giants Baseball Club Giants Madeley, Western Australia Mateljan Park Andrew Kyle
Wembley Baseball Club Magpies Wembley, Western Australia Wembley Sports Park Guillaume Duguay
West Stirling Baseball Club Indians Karrinyup, Western Australia Kevan Langdon Field Ken McGee
a Championship total for Braves includes championships won under their former names of East Fremantle, Cockburn and Melville Braves.
b Championship total for West Stirling includes championships won under their former names of Wests, Press (Wests and Press merged in 1946) and West Perth.

Minor Grade Clubs[edit]

Club Nickname Location Home Ground
Cockburn Cobras Baseball Club Cobras Spearwood, Western Australia Beale Park
Kalamunda Rangers Baseball Club Rangers Maida Vale, Western Australia Maida Vale Reserve
Kelmscott Baseball Club Bulldogs Kelmscott, Western Australia John Dunn Memorial Oval
North Coast Ball Club - Quinns Rocks, Western Australia Gumblossom Park
Peel Mariners Baseball Club Mariners Falcon, Western Australia Merlin Street Reserve
University of WA Baseball Club Whips Mount Claremont, Western Australia UWA Sports Park
Willetton Baseball Club Wildcats Willetton, Western Australia Willetton Park
Yangebup Knights Baseball Club Knights Bibra Lake, Western Australia Meller Park

A Grade/State League Premiers[edit]

Season Premiers
1936 Wests
1937 Wests
1938 Press
1939 Wests
1940 Press
1941 Press
1942-1945 Recess - World War II
1946 Victoria Park
1947 South Perth
1948 South Perth
1949 Perth
1950 Perth
1951 South Perth
1952 South Perth
1953 Swan Districts
1954 Swan Districts
1955 Swan Districts
1956 Swan Districts
1957 Swan Districts
1958 Swan Districts
1959 Swan Districts
1960 Perth
1961 Perth
1962 Swan Districts
1963 Swan Districts
1963/64 West Perth
1964/65 Victoria Park
1965/66 Perth
1966/67 South Perth
1967/68 Perth
1968/69 Perth
1969/70 West Perth
1970/71 Perth
1971/72 Wembley
1972/73 Wembley
1973/74 East Fremantle
1974/75 Eagles
1975/76 Perth
1976/77 Victoria Park
1977/78 Wembley
1978/79 Victoria Park
1979/80 Wembley
1980/81 Victoria Park
1981/82 Victoria Park
1982/83 Perth
1983/84 Perth
1984/85 Victoria Park
1985/86 Morley Eagles
1986/87 Cockburn
1987/88 Melville Braves
1988/89 Melville Braves
1989/90 West Stirling
1990/91 Morley Eagles
1991/92 Melville Braves
1992/93 Wembley
1993/94 Perth
1994/95 Perth
1995/96 Perth
1996/97 Perth
1997/98 Wanneroo Giants
1998/99 Wanneroo Giants
1999/2000 South Perth
2000/01 South Perth
2001/02 South Perth
2002/03 Wanneroo Giants
2003/04 South Perth
2004/05 South Perth
2005/06 Perth
2006/07 Swan Districts
2007/08 Swan Districts
2008/09 Wanneroo Giants
2009/10 Morley Eagles
2010/11 Wanneroo Giants
2011/12 South Perth
2012/13 South Perth
2013/14 Braves
2014/15 Braves
2015/16 Wanneroo Giants

*Premierships since 1936

  • Perth - 16
  • South Perth - 12
  • Swan Districts - 11
  • West Stirling - 9 (*inc. 3 as Wests, 3 as Press and 2 as West Perth)
  • Braves - 7 (*inc. 1 as East Fremantle, 1 as Cockburn and 3 as Melville)
  • Victoria Park/Belmont - 7 (all won as Victoria Park)
  • Wanneroo Giants - 6
  • Wembley - 5
  • Morley Eagles - 4

Neville Pratt Medal[edit]

The Neville Pratt Medal is the most prestigious baseball award in Western Australia and is presented to the best and fairest player in the State League season. Until 2014/15, the award was determined through umpires votes from each minor round game with the best player on the day receiving 3 votes, the second best 2 votes and the third best 1 vote. For the 2015/16 season, a special panel will be convened by Baseball WA to determine the winner.

The medal was known as the President's Medal from its founding in 1952 until 2000, when it was renamed for its 1961 winner, 1956 Olympian and legendary WABL administrator Neville Pratt. Since 1984/85, the medal has also incorporated the James Garfield Crawford Memorial Award.

Year Player Club
1952 Jim Doré South Perth
1953 Doug Stewart Wembley
1954 Doug Stewart Wembley
1955 Don Callanan West Perth
1956 Kevin Parry Northern Suburbs
1957 Kaye Greenham Swan Districts
1958 Bob Meloncelli Victoria Park
1959 Norm Macey Jnr West Perth
1960 Bob Meloncelli Victoria Park
Brian Wren West Perth
1961 Neville Pratt Nedlands
1962 Eddie Hayes Victoria Park
Denis Adams Victoria Park
1963 Mel O'Hern Swan Districts
1963/64 Graeme Menner South Perth
1964/65 Ron Thornton West Perth
1965/66 Graeme Menner South Perth
1966/67 Mel O'Hern Swan Districts
1967/68 Bob Meloncelli Victoria Park
1968/69 Mel O'Hern Swan Districts
1969/70 Mel O'Hern Swan Districts
1970/71 Alan Cunningham South Perth
Sid Thompson Wembley
1971/72 Bob Harris Swan Districts
1972/73 Sid Thompson Wembley
1973/74 Sid Thompson Wembley
1974/75 Ray Del Carlo University
1975/76 Kerry Wither Swan Districts
1976/77 Neil Page University
1977/78 Mark Stipetich Victoria Park
Ray Michell Wembley
1978/79 Mark Stipetich Victoria Park
1979/80 Mark Stipetich Victoria Park
1980/81 Ray Michell Perth
1981/82 Graham Ward Swan Districts
1982/83 Dave Rusin Fremantle
1983/84 Mike Burgermeister Kelmscott
1984/85 Doug Mateljan Swan Districts
1985/86 Graham Ward Swan Districts
1986/87 Ray Michell Wembley
1987/88 Dave Rusin Melville Braves
1988/89 Dave Rusin Melville Braves
1989/90 Brett List Perth
1990/91 Kevin Driscoll Morley Eagles
1991/92 Dave Rusin Melville Braves
1992/93 John Greenleaf Wembley
Steve Johnson West Stirling
1993/94 Dave Rusin Melville Braves
1994/95 Dave Rusin South Perth
1995/96 Jeff Wishart Wembley
1996/97 Brad Williamson Morley Eagles
1997/98 Kevin Hooker Wanneroo Giants
1998/99 Kevin Hooker Wanneroo Giants
1999/2000 Mike Boire Wanneroo Giants
2000/01 Gavin Edmondson West Stirling
2001/02 Michael Moyle Perth
2002/03 Steve Fish Wanneroo Giants
2003/04 Brad Thomas Wanneroo Giants
2004/05 Matthew Brendon Perth
2005/06 Ryan Schurman Gosnells Hawks
2006/07 Brendon Thomas Morley Eagles
2007/08 Steve Fish Wanneroo Giants
2008/09 Brad Reeves Morley Eagles
Kevin Roovers Gosnells Hawks
2009/10 Brad Thomas Wanneroo Giants
2010/11 Graeme Scorer Melville Braves
2011/12 Dylan Jones Morley Eagles
2012/13 Matthew Erickson Wembley
2013/14 Michael McIver Wembley
2014/15 Ryan Bollinger Braves
2015/16 Jordan Dyer Braves

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