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Editor Hans Dieter Reichert
Frequency semi-annual
Year founded 1979
First issue 1979 (1979)
Company Bradbourne Publishing
Country United Kingdom
Language English
ISSN 0954-9226
OCLC number 29834120

Baseline magazine (ISSN 0954-9226) is a magazine devoted to typography, book arts and graphic design. Not to be confused with the information technology magazine (ISSN 1541-3004) of the same name that is published by QuinStreet.


Since Baseline 19, which appeared in 1995, Baseline has been published by Bradbourne Publishing, co-edited by Mike Daines and Hans Dieter Reichert and art-directed by HDR Visual Communication.[1] It is characterized by its large format, sumptuous art and double cover. It has won several major international design awards in the USA, Europe and Japan. The magazine is featured in several academic publications (i.e. Philip Megg's History of Graphic design and Idea magazine).[1]

Before issue 19, publishers, editors, magazine dimensions and quality varied as the magazine evolved from a small format booklet that first appeared in 1979. Early editors included Mike Daines (Baselines 1–3), Tony Bisley (Baseline 4), Geoffrey Lawrence (Baseline 5) and Erik Spiekermann (Baselines 6, 7). The first full-color Baseline appeared as issue 8. Baseline 10 expanded the dimensions of the magazine from 8¼ x 11¾ to 10½ x 14¼. Baseline assumed its current size of 9¾ x 13¾ with Baseline 14.

The first four issues of Baseline were published by TSI (Typographic Systems International Ltd.) a member of the Letraset Group of Companies. Following TSI, issues 5–18 had been published by Letraset, a graphics product company, but as the magazine flourished Letraset faced difficult times. Mike Daines, Jenny Daines and Hans Dieter Reichert, Veronika Reichert formed Bradbourne Publishing Ltd. and bought the magazine from Letraset in 1994. The magazine varies in frequency but is typically published three times a year.

Recent management changes[edit]

In January 2007, Mike Daines resigned as Co-Editor of Baseline. Following his departure he and his wife also resigned as Co-Directors of Bradbourne Publishing Ltd. As from Baseline 51, 2007, Hans Dieter Reichert (AGI, FISTD, RSA) is Editor in Chief and Art Director of the magazine. He and his wife, Veronika Reichert, are Co-Directors in Bradbourne Publishing Ltd. and heading the company which publishes and distributes the magazine and other Baseline related art products.

Further information[edit]

Further information about the magazine and related Baseline products can be found on Baseline's website. [2]

Further information on Hans Dieter Reichert, Graphic Designer and Art Director of Baseline see HDR Visual Communication. [3]

For a list of Baseline magazine issues along with content, see List of Baseline magazine issues.

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  • Baseline magazine, issues 1–60, 1979–Present.