Basement Jams

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Basement Jams
Studio album by Tom Green
Released January 19, 2008
Genre Hip hop
Tom Green chronology
Prepare For Impact
Basement Jams

Basement Jams is the third studio album by Tom Green. It was released in 2008 in download only format on his website

Track listing[edit]

  1. "My Introduction"
  2. "All She Wrote"
  3. "Show You How"
  4. "Dangerous"
  5. "Such A Rush"
  6. "Bobbin' To The Right"
  7. "Focus"
  8. "Rap Overdose"
  9. "Sound So Wack"
  10. "State of Emergency"
  11. "Bum Bum 2007"
  12. "Losin' It"

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