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Directed by Ramesh Talwar
Produced by Ramesh Behl
Written by Gulzar
Starring Shashi Kapoor
Music by R.D. Burman
Cinematography Peter Pereira
Release date
Country India
Language Hindi

Baseraa is a 1981 Indian Bollywood film. The film was produced by Ramesh Behl, and directed by Ramesh Talwar. The film stars Shashi Kapoor, Raakhee, Rekha, Poonam Dhillon, Raj Kiran, A.K. Hangal and Iftekar. The music was composed by R.D. Burman. Movie was hit at box office and lead actors performance was much praised.

The film was remade in Telugu as Thodu Needa (1983) and in Tamil as Kanmaniye Pesu (1986).


Nima (Rekha) and Balraj Kohli (Shashi Kapoor) are happily married middle aged couple, living in rich neighborhood of Mumbai. They have two boys,eldest was Sagar(Raj Kiran) and youngest was Babbu. Things seem to go smoothly and Sagar falls in love with medico Sarita (Poonam Dhillon) who easily gains the approval of Sagar's parents. Slowly story reveals that Nima was Balraj's second wife and not actually the biological mother of Sagar. Balraj was the husband of Sharada (Raakhee) who was elder sister of Nima. When Nima lost her husband in an accident, immediately after her marriage, shocked Sharada falls off the stairs, damaging her head. She had been in a mental institute since 14 years. As Balraj had no one to manage his household in the absence of Sharada, Nima stays there to look after Balraj and seven year old Sagar. Seven years after the accident, Sharada and Nima's father, hopeless of Sharada's recovery, convinces Balraj and Nima to get married.

In present day Sharada gets hit on her head by co-inmate of mental institution and goes into coma. Balraj along with Sagar goes to Delhi to finalise Sagar's marriage with Sarita. Here in Mumbai, Sharada suddenly gets her consciousness and thinks that she woke after the initial accident 14 years back. Doctor slowly tells her that she had been in a coma and doesn't reveal the fact that Balraj and Nima are married now. Confused, Sharada escapes hospital and comes home. By the time, Nima gets information from doctor and arranges everything as it was 14 years before. She sends her young son to stay with Sarita and makes herself up like a widow, as her sister knew.

Sharada comes home and feels happy to see everything was same as before. After some time Balraj returns to home with good news of son's engagement. He was happy to see Sharada recovered but feels sad to see Nima in widow's attire. They maintain things in that way for some time for the fear of Sharada falling ill again if she knows the truth.

But, Nima's son Babbu comes home from Sarita's hostel, making everyone revealing truth to Sharada. Sharada gets shocked and lose consciousness, When she regains consciousness she acts crazy and violent. Sarita, while trying to pacify her, comes to know that Sharada was just acting crazy to go away permanently from her sister's life. She makes Sarita promise not to tell anyone and she does same with the doctor. Thinking that she again lost her mind, saddened Nima and Balraj start their normal life.



The score was composed by R. D. Burman. The main songs are: "Aaungi Ek Din Aaj Jaoon", "Chup Chup Chuppa Chuppi", "Jahan Pe Sawera Ho Basera", "Jane Kaise Beeteei Ye Barsaaten", "Sanware Sunao Bansuri" and "Tumhe Chhod Ke Ab Jeene Ko" sung by playback singers Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar.

  1. "Jahanpe Sawera Ho Basera Wahi Hai" - Lata Mangeshkar
  2. "Tumhe Chhodake Abb Jine" - Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle
  3. "Sanware Sunao Bansuri Vrindabani RadhaBani" - Lata Mangeshkar
  4. "Aaungi Ek Din Aaj Jaaun" - Asha Bhosle
  5. "Chup Chup Chuppa Chupi" - Asha Bhosle, Vanita Mishra
  6. "Janey Kaise Bitegee Yeh Barsate" - Lata Mangeshkar

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