Bashō (crater)

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Basho crater EN0108830184M.jpg
Basho is the dark-rimmed crater in the extreme lower right, surrounded by bright rays
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 32°24′S 170°22′W / 32.4°S 170.36°W / -32.4; -170.36Coordinates: 32°24′S 170°22′W / 32.4°S 170.36°W / -32.4; -170.36
Diameter 74.62 km
Eponym Matsuo Bashō

Bashō is a crater on Mercury named after Matsuo Bashō, a 17th-century Japanese writer.[1] Bashō crater is only 74.62 kilometers (46.37 mi) in diameter,[2] but is a prominent feature on Mercury's surface, due to its bright rays. Photographs from NASA's Mariner 10 and MESSENGER spacecraft show an curious halo of dark material around the crater.[3]


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