Bashi Skirmish

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Bashi Skirmish
Part of the Creek War
Date October 4?, 1813
Location Failetown, Alabama
Coordinates: 31°55′40″N 88°0′59″W / 31.92778°N 88.01639°W / 31.92778; -88.01639
Result Creek victory
Creek United States United States
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Colonel William McGrew
Unknown ~25
Casualties and losses
None Documented ~4 killed
1 missing
Several wounded

The Bashi Skirmish in the Creek War was fought in what became Failetown, Alabama.[1] A Clarke County historical marker which stands on Woods Bluff Road between Alabama 69 and Cassidy Hill marks the location of the incident[2] which resulted in the death of 4 whites.[3]

The exact date of this skirmish is not clear but it is believed to have occurred in early in October 1813.[3] At least one source puts it at October 4, 1813.[1]

A group of 25 white horsemen led by Colonel William McGrew were proceeding towards a stream called Bashi Creek that flows into the Tombigbee River a mile or two north of Wood's Bluff when they suddenly found themselves among concealed Creek warriors.[3] They were ambushed after a turkey tail was raised above a log by one of the concealed Creek, giving the signal for attack.[3] The Indians who had guns instantly fired from their places of concealment and McGrew who had taken part in the Battle of Burnt Corn was killed along with Edmund Miles, Jesse Griffin and Captain William Bradbury.[3][4] David Griffin was reported missing and presumed dead; his body was never found.[3]


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