Bashō (crater)

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Basho crater EN0108830184M.jpg
Basho is the dark-rimmed crater in the extreme lower right, surrounded by bright rays
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 32°24′S 170°22′W / 32.4°S 170.36°W / -32.4; -170.36Coordinates: 32°24′S 170°22′W / 32.4°S 170.36°W / -32.4; -170.36
Diameter 74.62 km
Eponym Matsuo Bashō

Bashō is a crater on Mercury. Though Basho crater is only 74.62 kilometers (46.37 mi) in diameter,[1] its bright rays make it an easily identified feature on Mercury's surface. In addition to the long bright rays, photographs from Mariner 10 showed an intriguing dark halo of material around the crater.


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