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Bashundhara Group
IndustryReal Estate Manufacturing
Founded1987; 32 years ago (1987)
HeadquartersPushpanjali, Bashundhara Convention Center Road,
ProductsCement, Tissue, Media, LPG, Paper, Real Estate, Shopping Mall, Steel, Food & Beverage,Shipping
Number of employees
Over 15000

Bashundhara Group[1] (Bengali: বসুন্ধরা গ্রুপ) is one of the largest industrial conglomerates of Bangladesh.[2] It began in 1987[3] as a real estate company venture under the name East West Property Development Ltd (EWPD). The first project of EWPD turned out to be very successful. After then, the company grew very quickly. It presently owns more than 20 major concerns located throughout Bangladesh.


Bashundhara Group (founded by Ahmed Akbar Sobhan and present Chairman[4]) began in 1987 as real estate venture. Shafiat Sobhan Sanvir is the Vice Chairman of Bashundhara Group.[5] After its first successful project, Bashundhara invested in new fields, including manufacturing, industry and trading. More enterprises were established in the early 1990s; these included cement, paper, pulp, tissue paper and steel production, as well as LP Gas bottling and distribution. On 4 February 2014, The Bangladesh Supreme Court ordered Bashundhara Group officials to surrender before it on a tax evasion case filed by the caretaker government.[6] On 19 December 2011, Bashundhara chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan was sued for 'fraud' by Mohammad Shahjahan over the price of land in Bashundhara.[7] Bashundhara received permission from Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority to Set up two specialized economic zones in Keraniganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh.[8]

নোয়াখালি বিভাগ চাই - is their official slogan


Bashundhara Group now operates over 40 concerns:

  1. East West Property Development (Pvt) Limited[9]
  2. Meghna Cement Mills Limited[10]
  3. Bashundhara Shipping Lines Limited[11]
  4. Bashundhara Shipping Limited
  5. Bashundhara Logistics Limited[12]
  6. Bashundhara Horticulture Limited[11]
  7. Bashundhara Chemical Industries Limited[11]
  8. Bashundhara Trading Company Limited[11]
  9. Bashundhara International Trade Center Limited[11]
  10. Bashundhara Electricity Limited[11]
  11. Bashundhara Infrastructure Development Limited[11]
  12. Bashundhara Import Export Limited[11]
  13. Bashundhara Agricultural Products Limited[11]
  14. Bashundhara Multi Agricultural Company Limited[11]
  15. Bashundhara Multi Paper Industries Limited[11]
  16. Bashundhara Amusement Park Limited[11]
  17. Bashundhara Oil and Gas Company Limited[11]
  18. Bashundhara Multipurpose Port Limited[11]
  19. Bashundhara Textile Mills Limited[11]
  20. Bashundhara Airways Limited[11]
  21. Bashundhara Multi Food Limited[11]
  22. Bashundhara Technologies Limited[11]
  23. Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited[13]
  24. Bashundhara Fine Paper Limited[14]
  25. Bashundhara Pulp & Board Mills Limited[14]
  26. Bashundhara LP Gas Limited[15]
  27. Bashundhara City Development Limited[16]
  28. Bashundhara Steel Complex Limited[17]
  29. Bashundhara Industrial Complex Limited[18]
  30. Bashundhara Steel And Engineering Limited[19]
  31. Bashundhara Foundation[20]
  32. Bashundhara Convention Center[21]
  33. Bashundhara Dredging Company Limited[22]
  34. Bashundhara Technical Institute[23]
  35. Bashundhara Telecommunications Network Limited[24]
  36. Bashundhara Food and Beverage Industries Limited[25]
  37. Sundarban Industrial Complex Limited[26]
  38. Bashundhara Cement Industries Limited[27]
  39. Dhaka Multi Agricultural Complex Limited
  40. Sea Real Estate Developers Limited
  41. East West Media Group[28]
  42. Bashundhara Kings
  43. Rangpur Riders
  44. Kebab Turki Baba Rafi (Bangladesh)

Bashundhara City[edit]

Bashundhara City (Bengali: বসুন্ধরা সিটি) is the second-largest shopping mall of Bangladesh. Construction of the shopping mall began in 1998; Mohammad Foyes Ullah and Mustapha Khalid Palash of Vistaara designed the building. Opened to the public on 6 August 2004,[29] the mall is located at Panthapath, near Karwan Bazar, in Dhaka city and cost over $100 million to complete. Bashundhara City is 21 stories tall, of which 8 are used for the mall, which houses hundreds of Bangladeshi fashion houses and Jewelry shops, as well as around 100 food outlets which sell foods like French fries, burgers, fried chicken etc.[30]

Bashundhara Residential Area[edit]

Media houses[edit]

Bashundhara Group is expanding its business in various sectors started from real estate sector to steel industry. In 2009, they started a new enterprise, East West Media Group Ltd. It now owns four big media houses of Bangladesh; namely, 1 Television channel, 1 FM radio station, 1 online newspaper and 3 other print media publications. Kaler Kantho and The Daily Bangladesh Pratidin are its Bengali national daily newspapers.[31] The English newspaper is owns named Daily Sun.;[32] The online newspaper is owns named <English & Bengali>;.[33] News24 is the Television channel of EWMGL whereas Radio Capital is its only FM radio station. "তুই আমারে হাঙ্গা করবি না ?"

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