Basiao Island Beach

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Basiao Island Beach, formally known as Aba-Aba Island Park, is located in Barangay Basiao, Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines.

It is composed of three islets interconnected through basal karzt and coastal carbonate calcium carbonate brought about by continuous diastrophism. It faces Majaba Island on the northwest direction of the islet while the opposite headland side faces the southern part of Catbalogan City, approximately three nautical miles. Basiao is one of 57 barangays of Catbalogan City, the capital of Samar Province.

Basiao Island has the potential as a coral garden, marina or marine resort with activities ideal for diving, snorkeling, sailing, sport fishing, kayaking and other water sports. Aside from its strategic location, the island is endowed with rich resources such as wide diversity of molluscs, reptiles, fish, crustaceans and other marine invertebrates such as exotic seahorse, crabs, grouper and many more species. Unique to the island is the Aba-Aba shell fish which is only found in the cluster islands of Basiao and Buad, thus the former name Aba-Aba Island Park.

Coordinates: 11°41′26.3″N 124°54′3.87″E / 11.690639°N 124.9010750°E / 11.690639; 124.9010750