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This article is about a product. For the type of research, see Basic research.

Basic Research is an herbal supplement and cosmetics manufacturer formed in 1993, based in Salt Lake City, Utah that distributes products through a large number of subsidiaries. In addition, their products are sold domestically and internationally through a number of high-end retailers. Dennis Gay is the president and chief executive officer of Basic Research.[1] Basic Research has also been known to conduct business as Silver Sage[2] (2000), and as The Carter-Reed Company[3] (2002).

On July 10, 2009, the StriVectin family of products [Klein-Becker] were sold to a venture-capital backed company, the Strivectin Operating Company, Inc, to be managed by the Chrysallis Management Group. The new company is based in New York and is not related to Basic Research or any of its affiliates/subsidiaries. The sale affected only the StriVectin products. All other products remained with the Utah-based company.

Relacore, has come under scrutiny by the FDA for making claims that cannot be substantiated or that would place the product under FDA regulation as a drug.[4][5][6][7]


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