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Basil Payne (23 June 1923 – 6 January 2012) Irish poet.[1]

Life and work[edit]

Payne was educated at Synge Street CBS and University College Dublin. In the 1960s he presented many lectures and poetry readings in Dublin including a well received one man show at the Gate theatre. In 1964 and 1966 he won the Guinness International poetry prize. From 1972 to 1978 he lectured in literature at several universities in the USA. His published work amounts to three books and numerous inclusions in anthologies of Irish poetry His first book "Sunlight on a Square" and his final book "Dark and Light Fantastic" are available in Amazon kindle digital format as is a collection of his Irish Times newspaper articles from the 1960s to 1980s.

Published works[edit]

  • Sunlight on a Square (Dublin, John Augustin, 1961, republished on Amazon Kindle, 2012);
  • Love in the Afternoon (Dublin, Gill and MacMillan, 1971);
  • Another Kind of Optimism (Dublin, Gill and MacMillan, 1974);
  • Dark and Light Fantastic (Amazon Kindle, 2013);


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