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Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides healthcare for people in the south west Essex, in the East of England. There are two hospitals in the trust, a specialist cardiothoracic centre and one clinical centre: Basildon Hospital, Orsett Hospital, The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre [1] and Billericay St. Andrew's Centre. It became a Foundation Trust in 2004.


In 2005 its budget was £146 million and it treated 55,000 patients.[2] In 2013/14 the Trust budget was £288 million and it treated 77,500 inpatients and day cases, 300,000 outpatients and 103,000 A&E consultations. [3]

The trust set up an Electronic health record system in 2010, digitising all its 450,000 patient records. It hopes to save £1 million per year in reduced operating costs and £1.6m a year by improved efficiency.[4]


The Trust uses the Single Transferable Vote voting system to elect its Council of Governors.[5]

On 28 March 2012, Ian Luder was announced as the new chair of the Trust. He took up the post on 1 July that year. In January 2015 he stepped down after being selected as the UKIP candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock[6]


The trust had a 3 star rating in 2006 [7]

In November 2009, the Care Quality Commission found some places in Basildon Hospital to have stained floors and curtains, blood-splattered trays, badly soiled mattresses, equipment still used after the use-by date, and so on. The CQC have said they are going to send an "expert taskforce" into the hospital, to improve the cleanliness and drive rapid improvements in patient care.[8] The latest CQC inspection of Basildon Hospital in March 2014 found significant improvements. Services were described as effective, caring, responsive and well-led with seven out of eight areas rated as good or outstanding. [9]

In July 2013 as a result of the Keogh Review the Trust was put into special measures by Monitor[10] In October 2013 the Trust was put into the highest risk category by the Care Quality Commission.[11] It was put into a buddying arrangement with Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.[12] In June 2014 it was the first trust to come out of special measures after what the health secretary described as a “remarkable turnaround”.[13]

The trust described how a radical overhaul of its corporate governance structure and risk management improved its safety record. Staff were encouraged to report near misses, raising the number of incidents reported.[14]

In 2014/5 the trust was given a loan of £10.6 million by the Department of Health which was supposed to be paid back in five years but has in fact already been repaid.[15] It spent 9.4% of its total turnover on agency staff in 2014/5.[16]

In January 2016 it was said by Monitor to be 'financially unsustainable'.[17]


A joint pathology venture with Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Integrated Pathology Partnerships was set up in August 2014. A new laboratory was built at laboratory at Dobson House, in Bentalls, Basildon.[18] It is expected to process more than 12 million tests per year for 250 GP surgeries as well as the two hospital trusts.[19]


Basildon Hospital is located in Basildon, to the south of the town centre at 51°33′30″N 0°27′13″E / 51.55833°N 0.45361°E / 51.55833; 0.45361. Orsett Hospital is located in Orsett. St Andrew's Centre is located in Billericay.

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