Basilica in Qum village

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Church of the Mother of God
ყუმის წმინდა ღვთისმშობლის ეკლესია
Qum məbədi1.JPG
AffiliationGeorgian Orthodox Church
StatusNot functioning
LocationQakh District, Azerbaijan
Basilica in Qum village is located in Azerbaijan
Basilica in Qum village
Shown within Azerbaijan
Geographic coordinates41°27′31″N 46°54′40″E / 41.458531°N 46.911083°E / 41.458531; 46.911083Coordinates: 41°27′31″N 46°54′40″E / 41.458531°N 46.911083°E / 41.458531; 46.911083

The Basilica of the Holy Mother of God (Georgian: ყუმის წმინდა ღვთისმშობლის ეკლესია; Azerbaijani: Qum məbədi) – is a basilica of the 5th-6th centuries,[1] in Qum village of Qakh District of Azerbaijan, on the coast of the Ardavachay River. It is one of the few historical architectural monuments of Caucasian Albania.[citation needed] The building is now conserved.


It finds an affinity with Bolnisi and Vazisubani churches in terms of planning composition and architectural forms.[2]

The basilica is rectangular (36,5x19,3). It is located in a woody gorge. Internal area of the basilica is divided into three naves by two pairs of T-shaped columns. Central naves are more wider and taller. Diminished arches covered the naves of the basilica. Later, the basilica was built up with arched galleries (narthexes). Only foundations of columns are remained of them. Aisles in the eastern façade closed small altar and a diaconicon with semicircle apses. But the central one ended with great apses.

The church was built of thoroughly chosen dark blue and dark green pebbles. Columns of external galleries, arches and chamber aches were constructed of burnt plate bricks.


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