Basilica of Saint Michael

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Bazilika e Shën Mehillit
Native name
Albanian: Bazilika e Shën Mëhillit
Basilica of Saint Michael.JPG
Basilica of Saint Michael
Location Arapaj, Durrës County
Built 5th-6th centuries AD
Basilica of Saint Michael

The Basilica of Saint Michael (Albanian: Bazilika e Shën Mëhillit) is a basilica dedicated to Saint Michael, located in Arapaj, Durrës and declared Cultural Monument of Albania.[1] The Basilica of Saint Michael is an early Palaeo-Christian church which is believed to back to the 5th or 6th century.[2][3] A mosaic unearthed in the Basilica also demonstrates how engrained its culture was later on with the early Byzantine Empire.[4]



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