Basilica of St. Martin, Bingen am Rhein

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Basilica of St. Martin
Basilika Sankt Martin
LocationBingen am Rhein
Country Germany
DenominationRoman Catholic Church

The Basilica of St. Martin [1] (German: Basilika Sankt Martin )[2] also called Bingen am Rhein Basilica Is the main catholic church of the city of Bingen am Rhein,[3] in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany.

The church is located on the bank of the Nahe. It was restored and renovated several times, so it is a fusion of different styles; Around 793 the crypt was built, which is one of the oldest crypts of Austrasia.

The church is dedicated to St. Martin of Tours, which is depicted above the main entrance and in many frescoes and the altarpiece.

In 1416 the church was enlarged and remodeled in accordance with the dictates of the Lombard Gothic style; In 1505 it is beautified with some works.

The church is a minor basilica since 1930.

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Coordinates: 49°58′00″N 7°53′32″E / 49.9667°N 7.8921°E / 49.9667; 7.8921