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Basilio Muhate, Chairman of FRELIMO Youth Organization (OJM)

Basílio Zefanias Muhate (born 28 September 1979 in Chimoio) is a Mozambican economist and politician who served as the Chairman (General Secretary) of the FRELIMO Party's youth organization, the Mozambican Youth Organisation (OJM), and is a member of the Central Committee of FRELIMO since November 2010.[1] Muhate studied Economics at Eduardo Mondlane University is a member of the Mozambican Association of Economists (AMECON), blogger[2] columnist and commentator on economics.

Basilio Muhate recently ceased his functions as General Secretary of OJM, along with the entire leadership of OJM, for reasons not yet made public officially by the leadership of Frelimo Party [3] and after younger party activists made their voices [4] heard with demands that the resources windfall should be managed for the benefit of the wider society and not monopolised by anyone.[5]


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