Basinghall Street

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1754 map showing Basinghall Street and surrounding area

Basinghall Street (sometimes written as "Bassinghall") is a street in the City of London, England. Today, it lies chiefly in the ward of Bassishaw (which originally consisted only of the street and the courts and passages leading off from it) with the southern end in Cheap and Coleman Street wards. The street and ward are named after the prominent Bassing family, who built a mansion here in the 13th Century and who were given certain privileges by the King.

The Guildhall building runs along part of the western side of the street, though the main entrance is at Guildhall Yard. The Mayor's and City of London Court is also located on the western side, with its entrance just off the street at Guildhall Buildings. The street joins Gresham Street to the south.

St Michael Bassishaw was a church located on the street that was demolished in 1900.

Coordinates: 51°30′57″N 0°05′28″W / 51.5157°N 0.091°W / 51.5157; -0.091