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Basit Igtet

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Basit Igtet
Born (1970-09-24) September 24, 1970 (age 53)
SpouseSara Bronfman
RelativesEdgar Bronfman, Sr. (father-in-law)

Basit Igtet (born 24 September 1970) is a Zurich-based entrepreneur and Libyan national who has founded several companies in various sectors. In 2011, he worked to support the Libyan revolution through international lobbying and was consequently appointed as a Special Envoy to the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) on 4 September 2011.[1]


In 2004, Igtet formed Swiss International Management AG[2] which provides business services to the State of Qatar.

Work with Libya[edit]

In 2010, Igtet founded the Independent Libya Foundation (ILF) together with New York-based businessman Adam M. Hock.[3]

In March 2011, he hosted General Abdul Fatah Younis, former Interior Minister of Libya (under the Gaddafi government), turned leader of the rebel armed forces, in the EU capital.[4]

On 14 June 2011, he met with the president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, at the Palace of the Herons (Palacio de las Garzas) to lobby for official recognition of the NTC.[5][better source needed]

On 4 September 2011, Igtet was appointed as Special Envoy to the Libyan National Transitional Council for humanitarian aid from the area of North America and South America.[1]

On 19 November 2011, Igtet organized an ILF delegation in Benghazi, Libya to present strategies for rebel re-integration.[6]


He sponsored one show at La Comédie Française at Paris in 2012.[7]

Personal life[edit]

Igtet is married to Sara Bronfman, daughter of billionaire Edgar Bronfman, Sr.; they have one daughter.[8]


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