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A basket is a wicker container used for transporting many things from small animals to food products.

Basket or baskets may also refer to:

  • Baskets, the two back seats facing one another on the outside of a stagecoach
  • Basket (finance), an economic term for a collection of securities aggregated into a single product to allow for simultaneous trading
  • Baskets (TV series), a U.S. television series on FX
  • Market basket, an economic term for a collection of goods for tracking their price
  • Basket Dome, a mountain in California
  • Breadbasket, a region of country which produces an agricultural surplus which is considered vital for the country as a whole
  • BasKet Note Pads, a note taking piece of software; part of the KDE environment
  • Three baskets, the Pali canon of Buddhist texts


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