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Basket Master is the European version name of the computer basketball game Fernando Martín Basket Master developed by Dinamic during 1987. Some versions, like C64 one, were developed by Imagine[1]

It's considered as one of the best basketball videogames of 8-bits age[citation needed] and it features Fernando Martín, a popular Spanish basketballer in the eighties. He was the first Spaniard who played in the NBA.


The game is arcade-like, featuring a 1-on-1 game, no tournaments, only single game, one player against the computer or two human players. There are different types of slam dunks and a full screen repetition will be shown after making them. It is incredibly hard to play. The Computer player is more skilled and has access to more moves.

Other facts[edit]

Gary Biasillo was one of the programmers of the C64 port.

In 2001, a team of Remakes Zone has started the development of a remake for PC Platform.[2]


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