Basketball ID at the 2000 Summer Paralympics

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Basketball ID at the 2000 Summer Paralympics consisted of a men's event with eight teams competing. The sport was a form of basketball adapted for players with intellectual disabilities (ID).

Cheating controversy[edit]

The Basketball ID event at the 2000 Paralympic Games were marred by one of sport's biggest controversies which saw a classification of athlete removed from the next two Paralympic games.[1] Fernando Martin Vicente, former head of the Spanish Federation for Mentally Handicapped Sports, allowed athletes with no disabilities to compete at the Games in order to win the gold medal. The team at the centre of the row was the Spanish basketball team, who won the gold medal after beating Russia in the final despite fielding a team mainly composed of athletes with no intellectual disability. [1] The athletes were quickly exposed and the IPC reacted by stripping Spain of their medal and removing all events from the following Games for athletes with intellectual disabilities.[2] Events for athletes with intellectual disabilities returned to the Paralympic schedule in 2004.[3]

Medal summary[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's team  Russia (RUS) [4][5][6][7]

Oleg Chubasov
Marat Oumarov
Nariman Sadekov
Shamil Kodraleev
Serguei Rogov
Vladimir Fedotov
Igor Gousev
Slava Kosoukhov
Artur Melkonian
Michail Kisilev
Slava Chernobrov
Andrey Zakharov

 Poland (POL)

Marcin Merk
Andrzej Kołodziejczyk
Robert Kwiatkowski
Tomasz Macholl
Mariusz Wikbold
Adam Krzemiński
Rafał Jastrząb
Łukasz Skory
Grzegorz Sobuś
Tadeusz Truszczyński
Piotr Madej
Robert Wittke

 Portugal (POR)[8]

Rui Benfica
Ricardo Teixeira
Vítor Carinhas
Carlos Luz
Ricardo Martins
Fernando Pereira
José Cunha
Alcides Fernandes
Alexandre Costa
Jorge Ribeiro
David Cândido
António Lopes

Group stage[edit]

Group A
Team Wins Losses Points Competition
vs. ESP vs. POR vs. BRA vs. JPN
 Spain (ESP) 3 0 254:126 6 - 73:58 94:48 87:20
 Portugal (POR) 2 1 251:146 5 58:73 - 71:56 122:17
 Brazil (BRA) 1 2 207:189 4 48:94 56:71 - 103:24
 Japan (JPN) 0 3 61:312 3 20:87 17:122 24:103 -
Group B
Team Wins Losses Points Competition
vs. RUS vs. POL vs. AUS vs. GRE
 Russia (RUS) 2 1 239:211 5 - 111:97 79:64 49:50
 Poland (POL) 2 1 245:214 5 97:111 - 77:66 71:37
 Australia (AUS) 1 2 220:182 4 64:79 66:77 - 90:26
 Greece (GRE) 1 2 113:210 4 50:49 37:71 26:90 -


 Spain (ESP) 97
 Poland (POL) 67
 Spain (ESP) 87
 Russia (RUS) 63
 Russia (RUS) 73
 Portugal (POR) 45
Third place
 Poland (POL) 65
 Portugal (POR) 51


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