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Basovišča 2007
Basovišča 2007
Basovišča 2014

Basóvišča (pronounced [baˈsovʲiʂtʂa]; Music Festival of Young Belarus) — the festival of Belarusian alternative and rock music, which is annually conducted by the Belarusian Association of Students since 1990.

The festival takes place during two July days in the Borak forest near Gmina of Gródek, Poland. The important part of the festival is the music contest, in which young bands compete for prizes - usually money and rights to record their album for free.[1] Well-known stars of Belarusian and Polish rock-scene usually perform there too.



17th Basovišča was held on July 22–23, 2006. Contest was on second day. It was the first time when a band from Lithuania, IR, took part in it.

Contest results[edit]


  • Parason - 40 hours of recording in Apollo Studio, and money (1800 zl)
  • S.D.M. - 25 hours of recording in Studio Rembrandt Radio Bialystok, and money (1200 zl)
  • Nevma - 1360 zl
  • Ludzi śviatla - 1000 zl
  • Vodar suśviet - electric guitar

Other participants: Band A, Krok, RoStra, Termin X, Mozart

Line up[edit]

Friday, July 21: IR (LT), 5set5 (PL), Rima (PL), Orchestra Arturo Piazza (ITA), Ambasadar KROU/ČpB (BY), Siddhartha (PL), Troitsa (BY), Zero-85 (PL), Neuro Dubel (BY)

Saturday, July 22: Imprudence (BY), Źmiaja (BY), Indiga (BY), Tav.Mauzer (BY), Krama (BY), Sjel (PL), :B:N: (BY), Red Emprez (PL), Drum Ecstasy (BY), IQ48 (BY), N.R.M. (BY)


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