Bass Mekanik

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Bass Mekanik
Genres Miami bass, electro
Years active 1994–present
Labels Pandisc[1]
Members Neil Case, DJ Billy E [2]

Bass Mekanik (b. Neil Case, Jamaica) is a Miami bass DJ first released in 1994 on Pandisc Records. Bass Mekanik has been active for over a decade, producing 10 studio albums, 3 singles, and a DVD. He then started his own record label in 2009 called Bass Mekanik Records and produced an album called 808.[1]

Early career[edit]

The first two years of his DJ career (1992–1994), he went by the alias Beat Dominator. Neil Case is considered to be one of the driving forces of Bass Music.[2]

As the mobile audio scene grew exponentially, sanctioning bodies such as Midwestspl and IASCA and MECA Mobile Electronics Competition Association bodies utilized the Bass Mekanik Quad Maximus and Bass Mekanik 5.0 to measure SPL (sound pressure levels) and frequency responses in each vehicle to declare a winner.[citation needed]

He has also gone by the aliases:

  • Beat Dominator
  • Bass Cube (along with James McCauley aka DXJ)
  • Bass Trip
  • Bass Tribe (along with Keith Rosenburg and James McCauley)
  • Bass Incorporated (along with Keith Rosenburg)

Neil has also collaborated with DJ Billy E as the transition from Miami Bass to Techno Bass took shape.[citation needed]

DJ Billy E DJ Billy E is one of the legends of the Bass Music World, a status earned via his 22 years of experience releasing classic bass CDs like Nightmare On Bass Street & Tuner Beats. Also for his work as half of the production duo Bass Mekanik.

It all started in 1986 for the then 12-year-old Billy E when he got an after school job at a Jupiter Florida car audio store and began learning how to install and design car audio systems with multiple woofers and amps. Billy would make mix tapes of old school Miami Bass Records and play them in the sound room to help sell woofers, pretty soon the whole high school would come to see Billy at the shop and get their systems hooked up. The shop got turntables and a mixer to start a DJ service and encouraged Billy to try it out and see what he could do with them, Billy discovered he had a natural talent for beat mixing and scratching and soon after met a group of local Djs that were doing the same thing including making their own Miami Bass Beats. One of these people was Jealous J now known as the Super Producer Jim Jonsin, J made Billy his first bass beat and schooled him to the ways of using the drum machines to make Bass Music. A short while after this Billy partnered with longtime friend and Orion Car Audio rep Ed Firestone, Ed had just started a new Car Audio Bass label called IBP and Billy was signed immediately to make his first solo CD, Nightmare On Bass Street. The CD was a smash hit, selling 75 thousand copies in the first 5 months it was released and caught the attention of Miami Bass Label, Pandisc Records. It was here that Billy met Neil Case, Neil had an idea for a new style of Car Audio Bass CD that would include test tones to set your system up properly so you could get the most out of it. This was the birth of the Bass Mekanik Series of releases. Neil and Billy continue to release albums under the Bass Mekanik name and have sold about a million copies of these CDs.
   One of Billy’s most recent hits - Tuner Beats, received play on MTVs popular Pimp My Ride series. The show used a song from Tuner Beats called "Beats 4 My Van", which caused hundreds of thousands of fans to look for the track and find out who made it.
DJ Billy E continues his work with Bass Mekanik and Bass Mekanik Records and we eagerly await what he will come up with next - one thing is for sure, it will have some seriously low bass on it and stay true to Billy E's Miami Bass Roots!


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album Label
1994 "Quad Maximus" Pandisc Records[1]
1995 "Max Killa Hertz" Pandisc Records[1]
1997 "Audio Toolbox" Pandisc Records[1]
1998 "Sonic Overload" Pandisc Records[1]
1999 "V 5.0" Pandisc Records[1]
2000 "Powerbox The Bassest Hits" Pandisc Records[1]
2001 "Flow:Music & Beyond" Pandisc Records[1]
2001 "Download" Pandisc Records[1]
2002 "Faster Harder Louder" Pandisc Records[1]
2004 "The Remix Album" Pandisc Records[1]
2007 "Boom Style" Pandisc Records[1]
2009 "808" Bass Mekanik Records[1]
2013 Kontrol Bass Mekanik Records[1]


Year Album Label
1998 "Rock Dis Joint" Pandisc Records[3]
2000 "Bass Mechanic" Pandisc Records[3]
2001 "Do It" Pandisc Records[3]

Later career[edit]

In 2001 Neil Case started his own record label.[2]


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