Bassel Al-Assad International Airport

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Latakia Bassel Al-Assad International Airport
مطار باسل الأسد الدولي
Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-24 passes a Syrianair Airbus A320 at Latakia.jpg
Airport type Public / Military
Serves Latakia, Syria
Location Jableh
Elevation AMSL 157 ft / 48 m
Coordinates 35°24′03″N 35°56′55″E / 35.40083°N 35.94861°E / 35.40083; 35.94861Coordinates: 35°24′03″N 35°56′55″E / 35.40083°N 35.94861°E / 35.40083; 35.94861
LTK is located in Syria
Location of airport in Syria
Direction Length Surface
m ft
17/35 2,797 9,175 Asphalt
Source: DAFIF[1][2]

Bassel al-Assad International Airport (Arabic: مطار باسل الأسد الدولي‎‎) (IATA: LTKICAO: OSLK) is an airport serving Latakia,[1] the principal port city of Syria. The airport is named for Bassel al-Assad (1962–1994), son of the late Syrian President Hafez al-Assad and brother of the current President Bashar al-Assad.


The airport resides at an elevation of 157 ft (48 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 17/35 with an asphalt surface measuring 2,797 m × 45 m (9,177 ft × 148 ft).[1]

Airlines and destinations[edit]

Destinations as of June 2015

Airlines Destinations
Autolux Kiev–Boryspil[3]
Fly Damas Damascus[4]
Syrian Air[5] Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Doha, Damascus, Dubai, Jeddah, Kamishly, Kuwait, Moscow–Vnukovo,[6] Riyadh, Sharjah
UM Airlines Kiev–Boryspil

Military use[edit]

Main article: Khmeimim airbase

Adjacent to the civilian airport buildings is the Russian Khmeimim airbase, the principal Russian airbase being used in the air campaign in Syria since 30 September 2015. The name of the air base Хмеймим has been also transliterated as Hemeimeem Air Base and Hmeymin airbase. [7][8] Among the Russian servicemen posted, there are currently (early October 2015) around 600 members of the Russian Naval Infantry, whose role is to help provide security for the airbase.[9]

Russian military activity at Latakia Airport had been disclosed by American intelligence officials by early September 2015.[10] The same month, U.S. officials expressed concern about the Russian activities there.[11]

Russian Su-24 jet aircraft at Khmeimim Air Base, Syria

The Su-24 shot down by Turkish fighters on 24 November 2015 was said to be on its way back to Khmeimim.[12]

The base, operative since 30 September 2015, can handle Antonov An-124 and Ilyushin Il-76 transport aircraft. It has parking locations[clarification needed] for more than 50 military aircraft including Su-24s, Su-25s, and Su-34s.[13][14] In addition, the base is home to T-90 tanks, BTR-82 vehicles, artillery and Mi-24 gunship helicopters and Mi-8 support choppers.

Air-conditioned accommodations were erected within a few months in 2015.[13] Other new structures include storage facilities, field kitchens, and refueling stations.[14] Supplies are flown in from Russia[13] or shipped via Tartus harbor 50 km away.[14]

On 26 November 2015, it was reported that S-400 surface-to-air missile weapon systems had been deployed by Russia.[15]


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