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Bassem Christo
Born (1968-01-09) January 9, 1968 (age 47)
Medium Television, Film, and Music Videos, Concerts, and Festivals
Years active 1988 – present

Bassem Christo (born 9 January 1968, Beirut), is a Lebanese director.

Christo is the son of Joseph Christo and the poet Bassima Batouli. After high school, Christo enrolled in law school but soon discovered that the court wasn't the place he dreamt to spend his life in. Having worked as a DJ in a Lebanese radio station, music and sound design became one of his passions, thus, he decided to turn this passion into a lifetime career.


Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC)[edit]

During the Lebanese Civil War, Christo had to leave his native town of Ashrafieh and head towards Ghazir-Kesrouan. It's there where he started to develop his passion through training at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC). During his time at LBC, he explored the whole world of television, including the ins and outs of studios, control rooms, and editing suites, and his passion found the perfect land to grow.

"Camera wein" was the first program Christo directed at LBC, and "Toute la ville chante et danse" was his first at C33, the French alternative of LBC's main channel at the time. For the many years following, he directed some of the most famous programs at LBC, including "Btekhsar iza ma btelaab" and "Iftah albak." And these renowned entertainment shows were not the limit of Christo's achievements with LBC, as he also famously directed a large number of musical concerts including the "Beat Machine" series, Scorpions, Julio Iglesias, and Raúl di Blasio.

Outside of TV work, Christo began to direct music videos. In 1997, he received the "best music clip director" at the Beirut International Film Festival[2] for the first "one shot" clip in the Middle East for Marie Sleiman's song "fi aynek badawwar".

Mr Christo's journey with LBC lasted many years, during which his talent and passion combined grew very rapidly. He was the first to cover Cannes Film Festival for many consecutive years, where he spent many long nights in the editing room where he chose to fore go sleep and meticulously observe the finishing of his work.

Not only did he discover his career passion at LBC, but he also found Rita, the love of his life, now his wife, inseparable "scripte" and mother of their daughter Mia-Maria.


Christo's journey with LBC eventually came to an end, and the unstoppably creative director had to start his own career. Thus, in 2000, he began freelancing as a director of TV programs, music videos, festivals and events.

In 2004, the talk show "Maestro", presented by the famous Neshan Der Haroutiounian, began to rise in success in the Middle East and eventually aired live every night during the month of Ramadan. This fortune erupted soon after Christo joined the project, where he brought a whole new artistic concept to the show which caused it to attract huge audiences.

Since then, the visionary director has signed more than 40 TV shows, 50 music videos and 300 concerts.

In 2006, Christo went into TV production and co-founded a production house called "PERIBA" (PERI-BAssem) with the renowned French Lebanese TV producer Péri Cochin. He is currently the managing partner and Periba has since produced many of the most famous TV programs in the Arab world, such as "Chako Mako", "Taratata", "Sawalefna Helwa", "Number One Fan" known as "Moojab Ajib", "Zahrat Al Khalij", "Najm Al Khalij 4 & 5” and "Hadith AL Balad."

Since 2008, Christo became a partner of Bright I,[3] a specialized media training center that provides professional high quality workshops and castings for "anchors-to be.” Since 2009, he has taken on the roles of treasurer and board member at the Screen Institute Beirut (SIB),[4] which supports and promotes film in all its forms as an important means of expression of cultural, artistic and social values. During that same period, Christo was a Jury member for "Murex D’Or Beirut."

Television Programs (Director)[edit]

Title Network Years
Zahrat Al Khaleej Abu Dhabi TV 2010 - 2012
Hadis Al Balad MTV Lebanon 2009 - 2011
Massa el Houriyeh MTV Lebanon
Absher MBC 2010 - 2011
Swalefna Helwah Dubai TV 2008 - 2011
Amira Al Aan TV 2010
Najem El Khaleej Dubai TV 2010 - 2011
Taratata Dubai TV 2007 - 2012
Maestro, Akid Maestro & Akid Akid Maestro New TV
Mouajab Agib Future Television 2008
The Manager Rotana Group
Il Maestro Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation
Chakou Makou New TV 2006
Hip Hopna MBC Arabia
X Factor 1 & 2 Rotana Group
Kalimat Fasl Rotana Group
Maa 7obby Rotana Group
Top 20 Rotana Group
Ala Tawilati MTV Lebanon
Album 5 MBC
Al arrab MBC
Musicana MBC
Fantazia MBC
Zay El Noujoum Dubai TV
Ghannili Shway Dubai TV
Iftah Albak Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation
Camera Wayn Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation
Btekhsar iza ma btelaab Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation
Hayssa MTV Lebanon
Studio al mushahideen ART
Toute La Ville chante et danse C33

Concerts and Festivals[edit]

Event Location Year
“Aal lebnéné” / Michel Fadel Lebanon 2012
Julia Lebanon 2012
Majida Roumi / Jounieh Festival Lebanon 2011
Plácido Domingo / Zouk Festival Lebanon 2011
Mawazine Morocco 2011
Doha Song Festival Qatar 2008-2009, 2011
Shakira / UAE Dubai 2007
Hala Febrayer Kuwait 2007 - 2008
Carthage Tunisia 2005, 2008-2009
Doha Cultural Festival Qatar 2004-2005, 2010
Jeddah Gheyr Saudi Arabia 2002-2005, 2007
Abha Festival Saudi Arabia 2002 - 2005
Salala Festival Oman 2004 - 2005
Muscat Festival Oman 2005 - 2006
Bahrain National Celebration Bahrain 2007
ART Song Festival Dubai 1997 - 1998
The Scorpions Concert Lebanon
Julio Iglesias Concert Lebanon
Beat Machine 1,2,3 Lebanon
Byblos Festival| Lebanon 1999
Agadir Festival Morocco 2000
Rotana Summer Festivals Paris / Cannes / Beirut-Charm el Sheikh 1998-1999, 2000-2005
Cannes Film Festival / LBC Paris 1994-2000

Music Videos[edit]

Song Artist
Inti Ana Cheb Jilani
Wahechni Cheb Jilani
Dommini Cheb Jilani
Abadan Laura Khalil
Yah Ya Habibe Laura Khalil
Barsha Saber El Rouba3i
Ta3ibti Ma3ak Rouwaida Attieh
Ya Shog Marwan Khoury
La Ana Suzanne Tamim
3al Jamr Wael Jassar
Ana law mennou Walid Tawfik
Chou Byemna3 Choufak 3ala Toul Joe Achkar
Lamma Bchoufak Pascale Machaalani
Roujou3ak Mou3in Chreif
Njoum el Dohr Marie Sleiman
Fi 3neik Badawwar Marie Sleiman
Da Makani Marie Sleiman


Role Title Country
Executive Producer Sorry Mom[5] (Thriller) Lebanon


Award Year
Best Director Award (Single Video Clip), "fi 3inek badawwar" Beirut Film Festival 1997
Best Video Clip Award for a New Artist Oscar El Video Clip 2004
Best TV Director (Min el awwal) 2007
Best TV show (Hadiss El Balad) Min el awwal Melody fm 2011


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