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Native toCameroon
EthnicityBakossi, Mbo, Bakaka, Bassossi
Native speakers
180,000 (1995–2004)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
mbo – Mbo
bss – Akoose
bqz – Kaka (Central Mbo)
bsi – Sosi

Manenguba, also known as Ngoe or the Mbo cluster, is a Bantu language spoken in Cameroon. It is a dialect cluster spoken by several related peoples.

The name Manenguba is the mountain range the speakers live on. Ngoe is their legendary ancestor.


The dialects in the cluster are:[3][4]

  • Koose (Akɔɔse, Bakossi)
    The principal dialect
  • Mbo (Mboo, Sambo)
  • Kaka (Bakaka, Bakaa)
  • Sosi (Bassossi)

There are many loan words from English, French and Douala.[5] When speaking of technical subjects, speakers will often revert to Pidgin English or English.[6]


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