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Baster is a band which from Réunion founded in 1983. They perform sega, maloya and reggae.[1] Their music has been described as electric maloya.[2] They are one of the most popular maloya groups and perform a poetic and lyrical form of the genre.[3]

They formed at Basse-Terre, which was formerly a village near Saint-Pierre but, due to urban sprawl, it is now part of Saint-Pierre.[4]

Their songs are defined by their texts in Réunion Creole written and sung by Thierry Gauliris,[4] and their addition of reggae elements[5] set with strong guitar solos.

In 2002, he went to the Tuff Gong studio of Bob Marley and did reggae versions of his greatest hits.[1]



  • Black Out Tour
  • Mon Royom
  • Lorison Kosé
  • Live 99
  • Lèv' (2006)
  • Du passé au présent (2007)


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