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The Bastiat Prize is a journalism award given annually by the Reason Foundation. In 2011 and before it was given by the International Policy Network.[1] The Bastiat Prize recognizes journalists whose published works "explain, promote and defend the principles of the free society."[2][3] The award comes with US$15,000.[4]

Instituted in 2002, the Prize has been inspired by the 19th-century French philosopher Frédéric Bastiat and his defense of liberty. Bastiat's use of satire and allegory enabled him to relate complex economic issues to a general audience. In keeping with his legacy, Bastiat Prize entries are judged on intellectual content, the persuasiveness of the language used, and the type of publication in which they appear.

Judges have included Margaret Thatcher, James Buchanan, and Milton Friedman.[5]

Prize Winners[edit]


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