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Bastyr Center for Natural Health is the teaching clinic of Bastyr University and is located in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood. The clinic offers health care services in naturopathic medicine, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, counseling, homeopathy, and physical medicine.

Bastyr Center for Natural Health is the largest natural health care clinic in the Pacific Northwest, with 43 examination rooms and approximately 35,000 patient visits annually.[1]


The clinic opened in 1980 as the John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine Clinic. In 1994 it was renamed the Bastyr University Natural Health Clinic, and in 2000 it became Bastyr Center for Natural Health. In 2006, the clinic relocated to its current location at 3670 Stone Way North,[2] which was renovated using LEED-certified, sustainable materials and practices.[3] The clinic has two natural product dispensaries onsite: the Bastyr Dispensary that carries natural remedies, dietary supplements and gifts; and a Chinese herbal medicine dispensary that carries an assortment of loose and patented Chinese herbs sold by prescription only.

Treatment philosophy[edit]

The clinic uses a "Team Care" approach in which patients are seen by a licensed practitioner and two or three Bastyr University student clinicians in their third or fourth year of graduate studies. Patients may also see a private practitioner individually in "Practitioner Care" or schedule private appointments with naturopathic or acupuncture and Oriental medicine residents in "Resident Care".

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are licensed as primary care physicians in Washington state.[4] Clinic practitioners are trained in integrative care, which combines traditional knowledge with current medical research on health and human systems.[5] They focus on helping patients become partners in their own health care, teaching them to actively make decisions regarding their care. Initial appointments typically last from one to one-and-a-half hours and included a detailed interview about a patient's health history along with a check of vital signs.[6]

Natural health care is most commonly used for the prevention of, and relief from, chronic and degenerative health conditions. Commonly treated conditions at the clinic include chronic pain, fatigue, depression, colds and the flu, menopausal symptoms, stress-related conditions, allergies and asthma, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems, ulcers and HIV/AIDS. Bastyr Center practitioners also coordinate with patients' conventional providers, communication on referrals, lab results, prescriptions, and other patient health issues.

Specialty services[edit]

The clinic has special services focused on immune wellness care for people with HIV/AIDS, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, ADHD, pediatrics, and geriatrics. It also provides special services for pain management, biofeedback and women's health.

Women's health[edit]

The naturopathic doctors on the Women’s Wellness Care team serve as primary care providers for many Bastyr Center patients.[7] These practitioners are trained to:

  • Perform annual gynecological and breast exams.
  • Prescribe birth control, including placement of intrauterine devices (IUDs).
  • Offer supportive care for menopause and osteoporosis.
  • Offer care for menstrual disorders, vaginal disorders, abnormal pap smears, PMS and pelvic pain.
  • Support fertility issues.
  • Screen for and treat sexually transmitted infections.[7]

Cancer care[edit]

In addition to the services offered at the clinic, the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center (BIORC) provides integrative cancer care at the Bastyr University campus in Kenmore, Washington. The center offers research participants treatments such as acupuncture, nutritional guidance, herbal remedies and counseling, all in collaboration with local conventional oncologists.

BIORC is currently working with the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center on studies to evaluate the outcomes of integrative cancer care.[8]

Community health[edit]

Bastyr Center offers a sliding income-based fee structure to make health care services available to all members of the Seattle-area community.[9] This program reflects the belief of its namesake, John Bastyr, who believed it was a physician's responsibility to serve patients regardless of their ability to pay.[10] Special rates include:

  • Income Rate 50 (Income at or below 250% of federal poverty guideline): 50% off patient bill.
  • Income Rate 80 (Income at or below 80% of federal poverty guideline): 80% off patient bill.
  • Senior Visit (62 years or older): $15 appointment in any department.
  • Immune Wellness Clinic (HIV-positive patient): Free.
  • Welcome to Wellness Visit (First-time patients) Free introductory visit with a naturopathic team to discuss clinic services: Free.

The clinical also offers promotional rates for children's visits each summer and for college students each fall.

External sites[edit]

Bastyr Center operates community clinic shifts at sites throughout the Seattle area, providing free care as part of its mission of making health care available to all.

Naturopathic Medicine External Sites

  • 45th Street Homeless Youth Clinic, Wallingford, Seattle
  • Ballard NW Senior Activity Center, Ballard, Seattle
  • Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center, Central District, Seattle
  • Consejo Counseling and Referral Services (Spanish speaking), South Seattle
  • Country Doctor Community Clinic, Capitol Hill, Seattle
  • Edmonds Senior Center, Edmonds, Washington
  • Mary's Place (homeless and formerly homeless), downtown Seattle
  • Pediatric specialty at Cascade Natural Medicine, Kirkland, Washington
  • Providence Marianwood (seniors), Issaquah, Washington
  • Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Senior Center, Shoreline, Washington
  • Sno-Valley Senior Center, Carnation, Washington
  • West Seattle Teen Health Center, West Seattle
  • YWCA (homeless and low-income women), downtown Seattle

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine External Sites

  • Chronic Fatigue Center, Harborview Medical Center, First Hill, Seattle
  • High Point Medical Clinic, West Seattle
  • International Clinic, Harborview Medical Center, First Hill, Seattle
  • Madison Clinic (HIV/AIDS), Harborview Medical Center, First Hill, Seattle
  • Providence Mt. St. Vincent Nursing Center, West Seattle
  • Providence Regional Cancer Partnership, Everett, Washington
  • Rainier Park Medical Clinic, Rainier Park, Seattle
  • Skagit Valley Oncology Center, Mount Vernon, Washington

Lecture series[edit]

The clinic offers a free lecture series every spring and fall. The “Living Naturally” series presents natural health topics such as "Heart-Healthy Foods" and "Acupuncture for Fertility". Lectures are given by clinical faculty and are open to the public.[11]


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