Batèë Iliëk

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Lieutenant General J.B. van Heutsz with his staff during the attack on Batèë Iliëk, March 12, 1901
Attack on Batèë Iliëk in 1901, by Jan Hoynck van Papendrecht
Batèë Iliëk map from Beschrijving van de Atjeh-oorlog by Egbert Broer Kielstra (1883).

Batèë Iliëk is a town in the Samalanga region, on the north coast of Aceh. Batèë Iliëk was an important stronghold during the Aceh War, which was impregnable until February 3, 1901. It was an important spiritual center and recruitment center for guerrilla fighters.


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Coordinates: 5°10′01″N 96°21′22″E / 5.1670°N 96.3560°E / 5.1670; 96.3560