Batéké Plateau National Park

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Batéké Plateau National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Batéké Plateau National Park
Map showing the location of Batéké Plateau National Park
Location within Gabon
LocationHaut-Ogooué Province, Gabon
Coordinates2°11′17″S 14°01′12″E / 2.188°S 14.02°E / -2.188; 14.02[1]Coordinates: 2°11′17″S 14°01′12″E / 2.188°S 14.02°E / -2.188; 14.02[1]
Area2,034 km2 (785 sq mi)
Governing bodyNational Agency for National Parks

Batéké Plateau National Park is a national park in the Bateke Plateau,[1] southeastern Gabon covering 2,034 km2 (785 sq mi). Due to its purported universal cultural and natural significance, it was added onto the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on October 20, 2005.


In 2016, a single male lion was recorded in the National Park. Genetic analysis of his hair samples revealed that is closely related to historical lion specimens from this area and the neighbouring Republic of the Congo, which grouped with lion samples from Namibia and Botswana.[2]

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