Bat Yam-Komemiyut Railway Station

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Bat Yam-Komemiyut
בת ים - קוממיות
Israel Railways
Bat Yam-Komemiyut Railway Station 05.jpg
Location Komemiyut interchange, on the border between Bat Yam and Holon
Coordinates 32°00′04″N 34°45′34″E / 32.00111°N 34.75944°E / 32.00111; 34.75944Coordinates: 32°00′04″N 34°45′34″E / 32.00111°N 34.75944°E / 32.00111; 34.75944
Opened September 25, 2011

Bat Yam-Komemiyut Railway Station is a railway station on the Hod Hasharon Sokolov-Sderot line. It is located at the Komemiyut interchange on the Ayalon Highway in Holon next to the border with Bat Yam.

Train service[edit]

The station is situated on the Hod HaSharon - Be'er Sheva line. All trains in the line stop at this station.

On most weekday hours there is a train every 30 minutes each direction, All trains stops at all stations of the line. On rush hours there is a train every 15 minutes each direction, Some of the southbound trains terminate at Rishon LeZion Moshe Dayan or Ashkelon and will not continue to Be'er Sheva.

Public transport connections[edit]

The station is served by bus routes 2A, 6, 11, 14,[1] 19, 26, 85, 87, 99, 143 and 425.[2]


  1. ^ Route 14 is a one way bus route
  2. ^ Route 425 is operated on weekend nights only
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