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Bat boy may refer to:

  • Batboy, a nickname for a US Army airborne ranger assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment originating from the period prior to the organization of the Ranger regiment in 1984 when there were only two independent Ranger Battalions.
  • Boy serving as a batman, particularly in the British army in colonial period India
  • Batboy, a person who carries bats for a baseball team
  • The Batboy (2010), a novel about a batboy, by Mike Lupica
  • Bat Boy (character), a fictional creature who made many appearances in the defunct supermarket tabloid Weekly World News
  • Bat Boy: The Musical, a musical based on the Bat Boy character
  • "Bat Boy and Rubin!" (Mad #8, Dec. 1953 – Jan. 1954), Kurtzman/Wallace Wood parody of Batman and Robin

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