Bataille de boules de neige

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Bataille de boules de neige
Directed by Louis Lumière
Produced by Louis Lumière
Release date
  • 1896 (1896)
Country France
Language Silent

Bataille de boules de neige (also known as Snowball Fight) is an 1896 French short black-and-white silent documentary film directed and produced by Louis Lumière.


The camera is centred on a pathway made through a snow-covered city street. On both side of the pathway, several men and women are engaged in a snowball fight. A cyclist comes forward upon the path towards the fight, and is hit by a couple snowballs as he approaches. He continues riding towards the snowball-armed melee and is struck successively by several nearby participants as he comes between them, losing control of his bicycle and falling to the ground. His cap is flung onto the pathway. One male participant in the engagement grabs a hold of the cyclist's bicycle and lifts it off the ground, and the fallen cyclist scrambles to his feet and yanks his bicycle away from the participant. After retrieving possession of his bicycle, the cyclist gets atop and rides away from the fight in the same direction he came from. He leaves his cap behind at the scene of his fall.[1]


This short documentary was filmed in Lyon, France, with a cinématographe, an all-in-one camera, which also serves as a film projector and developer. As with all early Lumière movies, this film was made in a 35 mm format with an aspect ratio of 1.33:1.

Current status[edit]

Given its age, the copyright on this short film has now expired. It is featured in a number of film collections, including The Movies Begin - A Treasury of Early Cinema, 1894–1913.[2]


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