Batak Reservoir

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Batak Reservoir
Изглед към остров Голака от Цигов Чарк.jpg
Location Rhodope Mountains
Coordinates 41°58′16″N 24°11′27″E / 41.97111°N 24.19083°E / 41.97111; 24.19083
Type dam
Primary outflows Matnitsa river
Catchment area 432 km2
Basin countries Bulgaria
Surface area 22 km2
Max. depth 35 m <dam height>
Water volume 310 hm3
Surface elevation 1107 m
Settlements Tsigov Chark

The Batak Dam (Bulgarian: язовир Батак) is located in the Rhodope Mountains and is the third largest in Bulgaria. It attracts many tourists and fishermen, and the resort Tsigov Chark was built on its shore. The lake is situated just above the historic town of the same name.

There is a hydro-electric power plant at Batak, and it is close to Pazardzhik and Plovdiv.

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