Batanes State College

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Batanes State College
Batanes State College.png
Former names
Batanes Polytechnic College, Batanes School of Arts and Trades
Type State college
President Edwin F. Macaballug Ph.D
Location Basco, Batanes, Philippines
Nickname BaSCo, BSC

The Batanes State College is a public college in the Philippines. It is mandated to provide collegiate level occupational, technological, and professional training in the fields of fishery, agriculture, environmental sciences, and other related fields of study. It is also mandated to provide special instruction for special purposes, promote research and extension services in the various disciplines and areas of specialization and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.[1] Its main campus is located in Basco, Batanes.[2]

The courses offered within the college are hospitality management, education, and information technology, among others. The province itself is a culture hotspot and an ecological zone, however, no courses regarding social studies, culture, the arts, and the biological and geological sciences have yet to be offered in the state college.


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