Batar (river)

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Countries Ukraine, Hungary
Counties Zakarpattia Oblast, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County
 - left Bătarci, Egher
Mouth Tisza
 - coordinates 48°5′50″N 22°49′40″E / 48.09722°N 22.82778°E / 48.09722; 22.82778Coordinates: 48°5′50″N 22°49′40″E / 48.09722°N 22.82778°E / 48.09722; 22.82778
Length 53 km (33 mi)
Basin 393 km2 (152 sq mi)
Progression TiszaDanubeBlack Sea

The Batar (Ukrainian: Батар, Hungarian: Batár) is a river in Ukraine and Hungary. It is a left tributary of the river Tisza, which it joins at Tiszabecs. Its source is near the village Cherna, about 10 kilometres (6 mi) east of Korolevo, in Vynohradiv Raion. It flows through the villages Cherna, Hudia, Kholmovets and Magosliget.


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