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Ruler of Bulgaria
Reign 665–668
Predecessor Kubrat
Successor Asparukh
House Dulo
Father Kubrat
Died 690

Batbayan (died 690) (also known as Bayan or Boyan, Bezmer or Bezmes, Bazmei + an) was the eldest son of Khagan Kubrat. After Kubrat, Batbayan ruled from Poltava the Old Great Bulgaria, the lands north of the Black and Azov Sea.

Cozrig's Khazars attacked and eventually took the steppes between Don and the Urals, according to the treaty of 668 between Batbayan and the Khazar Khagan (Kaban) under which Batbayan and his sister Huba were taken prisoners.[citation needed] Western Bulgar warriors adopted the practice of wearing Martenitsas in battle to remind them of the sacrifice of their ancestral relatives Batbayan and Huba.[citation needed]

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Preceded by
Bulgarian Ruler Succeeded by
Asparukh in Bulgaria

Khazars over Volga Bulgaria