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Location of Batenburg
Coordinates: 51°49′24″N 5°37′40″E / 51.82333°N 5.62778°E / 51.82333; 5.62778
Country Netherlands
Province Gelderland
Municipality Wijchen
Population ca. 600

Batenburg is a village in the municipality of Wijchen, in the Dutch province of Gelderland. It is located on the Meuse, about 15 km west of Nijmegen. It is well known for the remains of a medieval fort in the center of the town. The town gained cityrights in the 14th century, although it only has a population of about 650 today

Until 1984, Batenburg was a separate municipality.


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Coordinates: 51°49′N 5°38′E / 51.817°N 5.633°E / 51.817; 5.633