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Bath Blue is an award-winning cheese made in Kelston (just outside) Bath, in the UK[1] by the Bath Soft Cheese Company, at the Padfield family-run farm.[2] It is an unconventional square shape created by founder Graham Padfield in 1990 that he credits to an old grocer’s book.[3] But it differs by not using a feather to salt9 the cheese.[4] It features classic blue vein,[5] creamy and smooth texture and flavor, uses organic milk and follows a traditional Stilton recipe (which takes between 8 and 10 weeks to ripen).[6] The distinction[7] between this and other Stilton cheeses is that each process is undertaken only by hand, produced in very small batches in a much smaller vat than is traditionally used for Stilton cheeses.[8] Awards and recognition include:

  • 2014 Supreme Champion at BBC Good Food Show World Cheese Awards (beating 2,700 other international entries).[9]
  • 2017: Gold at Artisan Cheese Award[10]
  • 2019: featured as one of Chris Allsop’s Best Cheeses of Great Britain.[11]


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