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Bath Chronicle
Bath Chronicle 2014 redesign, cover.jpg
Front cover, 2 October 2014
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Local World
Editor Gavin Thompson (since October 4 2017)
Founded 1760
Language English
Headquarters Bath, Somerset
Circulation 9,435 [1] (as of 22nd April 2017)
ISSN 1356-0069

The Bath Chronicle is a weekly newspaper, first published under various titles before 1760[2] in Bath, England. Prior to September 2007, it was published daily. The Bath Chronicle serves Bath, northern Somerset and West Wiltshire.


Name changes[edit]

The Bath Journal was published in 1743, and was renamed Boddely's Bath Journal. It was renamed Keene's Bath Journal in January 1822, and was eventually taken over by the Bath Herald in March 1916.[3] The newspaper also originated from the Bath Chronicle and Universal Register taking over from the Bath Advertiser which was published from 1755.[3]

By 1919 it had changed its name to the Bath and Wilts Chronicle as a result of a merger with another paper.[4] The Bath Herald was merged with the Bath Chronicle in 1925[3] to become the Bath Chronicle and Herald, amended in 1936 to Bath Weekly Chronicle and Herald.[5][6]

The early 1960s was a time for another minor name change to Bath and Wilts Evening Chronicle.[7] The change took place with the issue of 12 June 1961, but was again changed, with the issue of 1 April 1974 to Bath and West Evening Chronicle, before changing to the Evening Chronicle with the issue of 3 January 1989, remaining with that title until 7 May 1994.[8]

In October 2007, the Bath Chronicle switched from daily to weekly publication, every Thursday.[9]

The paper celebrated its 250th anniversary in October 2010,[10] publishing a special supplement to mark the occasion.[11]


In 2012, Local World acquired owner Northcliffe Media from Daily Mail and General Trust.[12] It is published as part of the Bath Newspapers Group.[13] Its circulation reaches the population of Bath and the surrounding areas including parts of Wiltshire and Somerset.

Associated publications[edit]

A series of weekly supplements included the Property Chronicle, the Bath Observer and the Norton Radstock & Frome Observer. The Observer supplements ceased publication in 2008.[14]

A Georgian Newspaper Project has developed a database which contains information from the Bath Chronicle for the years 1770–1800.[15]

In popular culture[edit]

The Bath Chronicle appears in Saul Dibb's 2008 British film The Duchess.


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